Thursday, June 21, 2012


i discovered another person who has used my
"life as a carrot" © moniker for the title of her book.  No i will not link to it.   I'm sure i have some recourse here to suing her but who really cares, hey? 

Managed to finish another 1,400 words odd last night and wrote a full scene, where my heroine meets the hero for the second time and sparks fly (probably end up scrapping it later on but never mind that).  I'm having a lot of fun dabbling about with this stupid little story of mine at the moment.  It will be really fun if i can actually get it finished and in reasonable good shape to submit for some editorial interference.   

it's cold here today, icey wind blowing and chance of rain.   no, we haven't sold the house yet.  no comment from the people who came last night, even though they said they loved the house and hung around for a while - no news from the estate agent this morning.  I'm feeling like a hex has been put on this place by one of our previous domestic helps who we fired a few years ago.  it's like our lives turned to shit the month we had to go to the CCMA (over the domestic and the terms of her termination of service ... horrible sentence that). 

I've only just realised that I should have gone into the career of a Music Supervisor for the movies when i left school, instead of doing the boring shite that I did do.   It's not too late to start again though, hey?  Amazon won't send me the books that i wanted to buy on the topic (they reckon they can't ship them to South Africa for whatever reason that they dreamt up today):  

Music Business Handbook and Career Guide - David Baskerville; Hardcover have got two of the above books - but they want over R1,500 for them, plus postage! Fucking stupid, insane.  I will have a go with Exclusive Books this weekend and see how far I get.

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