Monday, June 25, 2012

wow a whole post that DOESN'T feature any references to Rory Mc Cann*

so i got another three thousand words down over the weekend, nailed most of it to the wall.  story is coming along very nicely.   With the help of the guys over at I sorted out a whole load of technical issues I was having with describing how a Subaru Forester would winch another vehicle out of a ditch in snow.   Forums are wonderful things for writers - cos the people who reply have to be extra specially careful with their responses, otherwise the other 'experts' will shoot 'em down in flames.  Forums are my new best friends when it comes to sourcing valuable up-to-the-minute jargon free information.

I've been told by the guys at Ultimate Subaru that i don't even have to worry about finding a publisher, just convert the text to an e-book, stick it up on Amazon, notify three or four Subaru enthusiasts' forums and voila ... best seller in no time at all.  They are so helpful those Sub chaps, maybe a trifle naive but very helpful.

Subaru Forester with front Winch

I am setting my lickle lurv story (what did you expect, 'War&Peace2012'?) well and truly in the most northerly town of Scotland - Thurso.  I was surprised to find out that the town is actually on the pro-surfing route, as the waves there are of similar size to those in Hawaii ... unfortunately I would have to wear a thermal wet-suit to swim in those northerly waters off the Pentland Firth, as the temperatures are the coldest of all surfing waters anywhere on earth. 
I'm having fun, things are moving along with the characters - another 30,000 words and we'll be looking at a novella.

* Bazinga!

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