Thursday, July 26, 2012

so little time

managed to get loads of stuff sorted out over the past two weeks ... sold a car, a superbike, as well as tons of crap at a jumble sale last week down at the Irish Club in Randburg - going back there on Sunday to sell more stuff.
Had my mother's ring altered to fit me - it's worth R22K, so thought that was a good idea.  Got valuations on other jewellery that i may (or may not) sell - some of it is worth quite a lot.

Have to go to an antique dealer in Parkhurst on Saturday to sell another antique table of my mothers' that I can't take with. 
Got quotes for cratage fees to send 6M crate over to the UK.  Got quotes on sending cats - not going to do that - fuck R17K and upwards for two cats to the UK - bloody madness.
Will be applying for daughter and son-in-law (plus kiddies) UK Ancestry visa in the next week or two.
House is basically sold - the fickle fucking woman managed to get approved by all banks they applied to, so that is on the way now.
had to get some work done to the electrics to get our house electrical compliance certificate and instead of having to fork out R56K and upwards for that (no fucking kidding), we ended up paying Godfrey (bless his soul) only R1700.  
got repair work done by a local plasterer on some dodgy bits of wall that weren't quite right in the house - also only cost R600, as opposed to in the region of R5K.
Man of the house sold his Blackbird (Honda CBR1100XX) today, the dude is actually here tonight revving it up in the garage and will be taking it away later on.  Shame, it's a beautiful bike.
Daughter no. 2 sold her VW Chiccol Golf today, she's depressed as all hell
Lots of ambient noise whilst i'm typing this, keeping looking round to see that nobody is standing over my shoulders reading what i'm writing.

I seriously hope that a certain person i have knowledge of occasionally wasn't injured in that Colorado shooting, it freaked me out.  

I am basically writing it in my head at the moment, not talking it out or actually typing.  I think the issue is that there is just too much noise in my life right now - good noise, not complaining :) - so i know it will get done - probably finish it in blightey, or on the plane whilst we are flying over there (need something constructive to do -besides drinking - on the plane, hey?)

Jerusalem Bells
It's coming closer.  It might actually happen.  I don't want to think about it.  Yes, I do.
It's all I think about.
I am LIVING for the moment we board that plane.  I know I will cry, I know it will be fucking hellish emotional having to say cheers to Andrew and Dave ... hopefully not for long.  But it's now or never, can't let that thought drag me down.  Can't let any negativity creep in here.
The time is now.  I can feel it, see it.  And I am psychic, remember.   My forward consciousness is feeding back to me - i'm getting all those celebratory emotions.
Only ever felt this positive about the future once before in my life. 

I remember sitting in the back of the Mercedes Station Wagon, driving back through the frozen snowscapes to Heathrow three Christmases ago, crying to myself, trying not to think about leaving the UK and what it meant ... I promised myself I would come back, no matter what ... the below was playing on the radio. 
This has been a long time coming.
I'm going home.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

(m)ars(e)holes and paper planes

little man pushed little missy's paper aeroplane down the back of the couch this morning, causing a riot
and there's a hole on Mars

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

amusing the muse

one of the things i am MOST looking forward to in this quest to move over to the Northern Hemisphere is the fact that it is just a hop skip and a jump from Scotland et al to Iceland, Norway, Sweden ... where I believe most of the great new talent in music is currently hiding out.     I can't stop listening to Low Roar ... ever since I discovered them a few nights back on my nightly trawls through GlueTube ...  yes I know Ryan is not a born Icelander but he lives in Reykjavík so shoot me   .... word of warning, the bass is HEAVY on this track:

another one (thank god, they are longer than 3 mins)

update from the frozen north

i suppose i should put a rider on this 'ere blogo to say that posts may start becoming somewhat erratic over the next few months due to the impending move over to the UK.  There is so much CRAP to sort out!     We are now in the process of trying to sell off as much shite as we can ... and discovered yesterday that even though there is no quarantine for the UK, the restrictions make it damn near stupid to consider taking cat/s over there.   They first have to be micro-chipped, then go through a series of injections and innoculations and blood tests ... lasting up to four months ... only after all that has been done will the pet removal people even consider giving us a quote on how much it will be to take them over (yes, two so far).  Bit relieved actually.  Didn't relish the thought of moving over to Blightey in winter and also having to sort out animals.     So now we are sourcing homes for kitties.  Found homes for two but have another two to go.

Found another pic of Rory from  GoT that i hadn't seen before.  otherwise, nothing much to report.  

Thursday, July 12, 2012

diddling about

speaking of Fleetwood Mac  ... nice tribute album over on SoundCloud for your listening pleasure (and mine) ... posted the Karen Elson cover of Gold Dust Woman on my Twit account but my fave so far is the very cool Matt Sweeney/Bonnie 'Prince' Billy cover of 'Storms'

that all said, i am from that era ... grew up with Peter Green (the original Fleetwood Mac, sans Lindsay fucking Buckingham) ... it all went down hill pretty fast, as far as I was concerned when Green chucked it in and left FM.   Yes, the man was a loony - well, no fucking wonder, he was 1000% genius - a technically faultless guitarist, immensely talented song-writer, seriously gorgeous Blues vocalist ....

So from their second 'LP'  "THEN PLAY ON"  which was released a few months after I arrived in South Africa in December 1968,  I give you the sublime and I think best of all vintage, raw, true (i.e. non-watered down) Fleetwood Mac tunes of all time. Period.     

Signed, the offer to purchase is

well now the really hard work starts.   Today i feel sick (again), tired, happy, excited (major excited), worried sick, paranoid, comatose, confused, terrified, pleased ...

Little missy comes down stairs this morning, spies me making breakfast in the kitchen and says with a bright big smile "We've sold our house Nanna!" ...
Following her downstairs is Little Man - who looks at me with great big round eyes and says
"We are going to Inga Land, Nanna ... you come too?!!"

If all goes according to plan (nnnggg) we should be landing at Heathrow sometime between beginning and end of December THIS YEAR.   Oh. My. God.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

all over bar the shouting?

i don't think the man of the house is particularly thrilled at the latest offer we received for the house but we put it to the vote last night and we've decided to accept it - so estate agent will be bringing it round tonight for us all to mull over and eventually sign.

i'm feeling a mixture of emotions this morning from flat, elated, excited, scared shitless, happy, confused, worried, sick, numb, weirdly relieved, terrified ...

this means that in a few months time - if we can manage to get all our acts together - we will be winging it over to the United Kingdom.  Many people do this and manage it with not too many problems ... i am in regular correspondence with a client of ours who went over there last year, with a husband who'd just had major surgery done on his leg, a daughter who was three weeks pregnant.  they stayed in a hotel for a week or two but now have a home, permanent jobs, daughter has had baby (who is now a British citizen) and found a new partner, husband has had access to best medical care and his leg is perfect  ... their lives have turned around.     Theirs isn't the only success story that we have monitored over the past couple of years.    

That said, the sheer size of the job in front of us now is frightening -  we have to wind up so much shit, move businesses, home, personal paraphenalia and not just for ourselves but also assorted hangers on. Oh well, now the hard work starts - i am relishing it, to be honest, at least the lives will no longer be in limbo.  Here we go with chapter the tenth  

Yes I know I put a Rory McCann label on this post ... so sue me.
Going back to my roots, soon I will be a ... 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

rinse and repeat

This is like déjà vu ... feel sick, want to puke, need to take some tranquilisers (see June post)
FFW has upped her offer AGAIN ...
it's still below what our absolute minimum was supposed to have been set at but the lady of the house and I are of a mind to accept it (bird in the hand and all that claptrap) ... however, we are almost sure that man of the house will say no.   we still get out a profit on initial investment and the buyers are qualified, with the cash - so the sale will go through with no hassles.  
Otherwise .... we are going to be ... 


Monday, July 9, 2012

i am therefore ...

the writing thing is coming along but a tad slower than i would like it to.  not the writing's fault, personally i blame the 'writer'.  did a lot of research this weekend into erotic fiction  ... how to write great sex scenes, that kind of crap.   It's fucking hard to write an erotic scene, let me tell you (pun intended).

I also found myself digging into George R R Martin's style of writing - how he gets into the character's head and brings thoughts out, as well as investigating the tricks he uses to enforce visual metaphors - like the Hound's twtich at the side of his mouth  - Martin uses the word "twitch" A LOT!  and right throughout the books.   He deliberately repeats himself, which i always thought was a bad thing, or to be avoided in the grand scheme of things but it would appear not so.     I analysed quite a few pivotal scenes in the Game of Thrones books involving Sandor Clegane and his interactions with Sansa (well, duh, of course)  ... there are many clever descriptive pieces George uses to bring across the pathos of their relationship - the most poignant one, for me, is the following piece - which happens on the eve of the Battle at King'sLanding when Sansa escapes to her room as all appears to be lost.  The Hound is in the shadows beside her bed and surprises her (puts his hand over her mouth to stop her screaming, then releases her when he realises that she won't flee), she had cupped his cheek in her hand for just a brief moment:   
"The room was too dark for her to see him, but she could feel the stickiness of the blood, and a wetness that was not blood.  "Little bird," he said once more, his voice raw and harsh as steel on stone.  Then he rose from the bed.   Sansa heard cloth ripping, followed by the softer sound of retreating footsteps." 
In this short exquisite passage, the reader is drawn gently to several conclusions,  namely:
    1.  The Hound realises that Sansa would rather bear the horrors inflicted on her by Joffrey than seek protection from Sandor. 
    2.  The Hound realises that Sansa will not escape with him from King's Landing - even though he has sworn to protect her and she knows that she will be safe with him. 
   3.   The Hound is crying but Sansa doesn't grasp the immense significance of this or the scope of the power she has over him. 
   4.  The Hound tears the cloak as a final act, as if to shake Sansa off him and all he could do for her.
   5.  The Hound leaves the room quietly, so as not to disturb or distress her, knowing that it will be the last time he will ever see her.  


Friday, July 6, 2012

Christmas in July

yoohoo ... got my Radiohead hoody, so fucking happy.  
got my Life As A Carrot blog to book book ... also pretty damn pleased with that too.
All in all, quite a lekker day today

this wrinkle in time

ja, okay.  I've decided that whinging and cringing for months on end about the fact that we probably will NEVER sell this house and emigrate back to the country of my birth is not going to do zilch in the greater scheme of things.  so ..... a....uuuuummmmmm ... applying some Zen to it today.  Fuck it.

Will be working on the book over the weekend, really am looking forward to getting this half way decently finished (good sentence construction that, hey?)
Until then have a great time this weekend all and sundry ... i leave you with this ditty - one of the man's bestest

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


1)  Daughter is staying put at her work, digging in, standing her ground ... quite chuffed with her, for sure that I am.
2)  person who put in offer on house that was too low, is now saying that she will 'up' it ... but keeps phoning agent to find out if anyone else has put in an offer and 'can she see it?' before she puts in her 'upped' offer ... come on.   beginning to think that this FFW is a bit of a moron, or is playing some kind of game.
3)  Had another bunch of people come through the house last night and one couple are 'very keen' ... so who knows, we might end up having a buying feeding frenzy soon.... would be nice for a change.
4)  managed another 1,500 words last night, mostly character backgrounds that i was working out in my head - want to try and get most of the story finished before the weekend, so i can start chopping it up and fixing it, putting in loads of gore, sex, drugs and rock'n'roll.   Well, it's already got the rock'n'roll but it needs more gore, definitely more gore ... oh and shit loads more sex.  At the moment, both lead characters are only doodling with themselves. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

If you have schizophrenia the world is a cruel place

My daughter, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia  in 2002, has lead a reasonably productive life since she was saved from the brink by an exceptionally talented psychiatrist called, Dr. Eugene Ahlers (who I think is now a Prof and who I will always regard as being on the same level as God, or any other Supreme Being). 

My daughter worked for our family business for several years and generally coped well under stress, although we did notice in the last 2 or 3 years that her concentration levels had started to deteriorate and she appeared to have some trouble recollecting information about facets of her job that were common-place and that she had previously done by rote.   She still got the work done.

When our company started to experience severe financial constraints earlier on this year, we took the decision as a family that she should look at trying to find herself another career, so that she would at least be guaranteed an income, if our business failed (which was a very real possibility in Feb/March this year).   She managed to find a job and has been on probation for the past three months – her probation finishes at the end of July this year.     The week before last, she had an anxiety attack – brought on by stress after she discovered that the person who is training her would be going on long vacation and leaving my daughter to  ‘hold the fort’.  My daughter did not feel sufficiently trained to cope on her own, hence the anxiety attack.   She went to the doctor and was prescribed medication to help her cope, this has worked and she returned to work after only 1 ½ days off.  

She was brought into a meeting today and told that they were not happy with her performance and that they would not be keeping her on a permanent basis but on temporary staff.  This is the first time that they have made any reference to her performance – all other feedback she has received from the women training her has been favourable.  She has made one or two small mistakes in the 2 months that she has been on probation, which have been corrected by her instantly.  A person is expected to make mistakes whilst they are learning a new job! 

I feel that my daughter is being treated very unfairly by these employers and that they are now victimising her because they are aware that she has schizophrenia – they didn’t ask at the interview whether my daughter had any mental or health issues and she did not volunteer this information.  The employer was unaware of my daughter’s mental history until her anxiety attack two weeks ago and this only resulted in a minimum amount of downtime on her part, less than if she had contracted the ‘flu. 

The options appear to be to stand and fight, take the employer to the cleaners and teach them a lesson;  or to look for alternative employment for my daughter in a less stressful environment.  

What would you do? 
Any advice welcome on this topic, believe me, I need it.