Wednesday, July 11, 2012

all over bar the shouting?

i don't think the man of the house is particularly thrilled at the latest offer we received for the house but we put it to the vote last night and we've decided to accept it - so estate agent will be bringing it round tonight for us all to mull over and eventually sign.

i'm feeling a mixture of emotions this morning from flat, elated, excited, scared shitless, happy, confused, worried, sick, numb, weirdly relieved, terrified ...

this means that in a few months time - if we can manage to get all our acts together - we will be winging it over to the United Kingdom.  Many people do this and manage it with not too many problems ... i am in regular correspondence with a client of ours who went over there last year, with a husband who'd just had major surgery done on his leg, a daughter who was three weeks pregnant.  they stayed in a hotel for a week or two but now have a home, permanent jobs, daughter has had baby (who is now a British citizen) and found a new partner, husband has had access to best medical care and his leg is perfect  ... their lives have turned around.     Theirs isn't the only success story that we have monitored over the past couple of years.    

That said, the sheer size of the job in front of us now is frightening -  we have to wind up so much shit, move businesses, home, personal paraphenalia and not just for ourselves but also assorted hangers on. Oh well, now the hard work starts - i am relishing it, to be honest, at least the lives will no longer be in limbo.  Here we go with chapter the tenth  

Yes I know I put a Rory McCann label on this post ... so sue me.
Going back to my roots, soon I will be a ... 

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