Tuesday, July 17, 2012

update from the frozen north

i suppose i should put a rider on this 'ere blogo to say that posts may start becoming somewhat erratic over the next few months due to the impending move over to the UK.  There is so much CRAP to sort out!     We are now in the process of trying to sell off as much shite as we can ... and discovered yesterday that even though there is no quarantine for the UK, the restrictions make it damn near stupid to consider taking cat/s over there.   They first have to be micro-chipped, then go through a series of injections and innoculations and blood tests ... lasting up to four months ... only after all that has been done will the pet removal people even consider giving us a quote on how much it will be to take them over (yes, two so far).  Bit relieved actually.  Didn't relish the thought of moving over to Blightey in winter and also having to sort out animals.     So now we are sourcing homes for kitties.  Found homes for two but have another two to go.

Found another pic of Rory from  GoT that i hadn't seen before.  otherwise, nothing much to report.  

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