Tuesday, July 3, 2012


1)  Daughter is staying put at her work, digging in, standing her ground ... quite chuffed with her, for sure that I am.
2)  person who put in offer on house that was too low, is now saying that she will 'up' it ... but keeps phoning agent to find out if anyone else has put in an offer and 'can she see it?' before she puts in her 'upped' offer ... come on.   beginning to think that this FFW is a bit of a moron, or is playing some kind of game.
3)  Had another bunch of people come through the house last night and one couple are 'very keen' ... so who knows, we might end up having a buying feeding frenzy soon.... would be nice for a change.
4)  managed another 1,500 words last night, mostly character backgrounds that i was working out in my head - want to try and get most of the story finished before the weekend, so i can start chopping it up and fixing it, putting in loads of gore, sex, drugs and rock'n'roll.   Well, it's already got the rock'n'roll but it needs more gore, definitely more gore ... oh and shit loads more sex.  At the moment, both lead characters are only doodling with themselves. 

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