Friday, August 31, 2012

will I?

get over this huge crush on you.

Found out whilst trawling the interwebs that Rory was considered for James Bond no. 6 some time back. Don't know why they didn't take him on ... the cliched comparisons about his resemblance to Sean Connery annoy me. I believe he has a far greater screen presence than the Connery, plus he's better looking, not an arrogant arsehole and God, his voice is to fucking die for. But no, they ended up using the scrawny Daniel Craig.. no accounting for tastes.

Anyway, moving along.
We are having another morning market/jumble sale down the road tomorrow, which hopefully will be successful and fun. Tonight I am holding another Little Vixen party to sell off all the lingerie and adult toys that i haven't managed to flog on my website - the website shuts down tonight (boo hoo). Whatever I don't sell tonight, I will put up on BidorBuy or take with me in my case over to Blightey ... har har, that should be fun going through the Rapiscan scanners and them customs chaps seeing all the dildos and vibrators. Wicked.

I am still hopelessly in love with Rory McCann. Maybe Karma gives me a break once I get to the UK and allows us to bump into each other ... oh my word, what a fantasy that is to be having on a Friday morning.

Monday, August 27, 2012

the principles of feng shui

My room looks like a storage facility. I have spent the better part of this past weekend trying to decide what i AM going to take versus what i am going to chuck/sell. it's hard. Whilst I was going through all my paints, i ended up getting side-tracked and daubing paint on another canvas, made a mess so had to start all over again - two hours later, I had a new completed painting that I will never sell.
Bit of a waste of time but i had fun.

Found a house in Norfolk that is three storeys, cheap and available to rent now, built in the 17th century and is a Grade II listed Building, has green moss growing on the highly pitched slate roof ... I want it so bad!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fire Dragons on the surface of the Sun

This absolutely stunning image posted on APOD's website today, is my fave this year - beneath it is an actual Chinese Fire Dragon. Spot the connection?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

stuff for thought

As we draw closer to the end of this year – particularly November/December – it is obvious that my sons are having a big problem dealing with the idea of us all going to live permanently in the UK.  They both have the option to come and join us there at any time in the future, so it’s not as though I will be going and not giving them the avenue to follow if they wish at a later stage.  But why is it starting to feel like I am supposed to feel guilty?   Why should I even think about this?  But I do.

I, more than anyone in my immediate family, know exactly what happens when a person emigrates away from family and friends – it’s not easy adjusting to a new country – in my case, it was impossible for me to adapt to South Africa.  I fooled myself into believing that I had but that was a delusion.     My family who are going with me to live in the UK soon, all have Eurocentric roots and are very much excited about the prospects of living in a Northern Hemisphere country  (I had no such enthusiasm when moving from the UK to this country in 1968).
My daughter and son-in-law, plus granddaughter, have visited the UK before (albeit on holidays,but they have seen the country first hand).  My youngest daughter has only ever been to Cape Town, so going to the UK will be a massive adventure for her and she is looking forward to it, although I know that she is apprehensive (maybe even a bit terrified) as well.  She has virtually no ‘world knowledge’ and going to the UK will be a huge eye opener for her, something I hope she will gain from eventually and grow from as a person.   My dream for her would be to look at visiting other European countries, Canada, the US ... all these countries are in easy reach of the UK and it is relatively cheap to travel abroad from England’s green and pleasant lands.   I believe that if she can see a bit of the world and how it should  work, she will settle/adapt much quicker.    Even better, if she can find a decent chap to start her life with, that would be the cherry on the top.   

I am looking forward to seeing my grandchildren grow and have more opportunities than they ever could have in SA.   We want them to have the best grounding/education that they can have and at the end of it, know that they will get work based on their knowledge, skills, personality and not the colour of their skin. 

The sad fact about living in South Africa for young white males is that it is already becoming increasingly difficult if not impossible to find work in this country (irrespective of your age, qualifications or work experience).   Even more frightening, is University level education is not up to par anymore (definitely not for Australia and now Canada are going to start introducing skills / qualification assessments to guage whether your qualifications are any good, BEFORE you even think about applying to emigrate there).
Forget any notion of promotion through the ranks or rising to senior management level in any BEE compliant company.   The following example, gives an idea of how it is now working (and people who say otherwise are liars) - let’s say you are in a general administration office and the staff component is like this model:

Coloured Man (Higher Diploma level with five to eight years work experience) – Senior Manager (BEE appointment)
Black man (straight out of school, no experience or qualifications)  - trainee
White man in his Mid-Thirties (Higher diploma or Degree level, 5 to 10 years work experience in senior management)
Indian woman with diploma level qualifications and one years work experience in another field.
Black woman with Standard 6 and six months work experience in an administration related field.
White woman in her late forties with Diploma and over 10 years work experience in administration related field.

If the Manager leaves, who should rightfully be given the opportunity to take over the reins?  
Sorry, wrong. 
Try again. 
In actual fact, the pecking order for promotion to take over this extremely SENIOR managerial position is as follows:

Black woman
Indian woman
Black Man
White woman
White man

It gets worse if you are a White man with a degree, Honours, Masters or a Doctorate – because then you are completely overlooked for promotion and will only ever be used to train managers coming through the ranks – this is already happening at the major parastatals (like Eskom, for example).   

So in light of the above (and what we already know to be happening from the many stories we receive from our clients on this subject) we have decided to make this move to the UK, for better or worse and at least have a chance at a better future for us all.  

Sorry to say but you are delusional if you believe that your job /education/ social prospects are secure in South Africa - the writing is well and truly on the wall, i'm afraid.  All I can say is if you can get out, then you should be thinking about doing just that. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

and on we go

Collected family's UK Ancestry visas yesterday - so they are now 'legal' and can enter the UK anytime from the 15th November.    I have now contracted this crap chest flu, so will have to go and get more antibiotics today because the honey/cinnamon tea miracle cure that I got via email spam yesterday isn't really doing the trick. 
I note that since daughter was admitted to hospital at beginning of this week with double pneumonia, i seem to have spent the entire time in my car, driving around all over the place.   Petrol prices are a killer - i've put over R300 in the tank this week alone and it's on empty again this morning.  We note that food prices have rocketed by over 40% since the beginning of this year as well - bloody ridiculous.
One startling thing that has come out my daughter's stint in a private hospital is the sad lack of trained nurses. An enrolled nurse was doubling as sister in charge of the ward the night before last and she was the only one that knew what she was doing (sort of), all the other nurses were trainees.   My daughter had an airbubble the size of a golf ball in her 'drip', which she watched with growing alarm as it entered the vein in her hand and then went up her arm.   Later in the evening, she had a sharp pain in her chest.
Great.   Her drip was also not changed properly and blood went back into the tube almost all the way back into the bag - she looked like she was donating blood.  
The woman in the next bed needed her diaper changed at 12noon, they only did that at 5pm. 
Night staff were a bit better and more qualified (trained) but this is a general problem that is affecting hospitals all over South Africa (private and government).  Without adequately trained nurses, you can have the best doctors, specialists and equipment on the planet and it won't matter zilch.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

a right proper post would be nice

it's halfway through August and so far things are moving along but slowly.  lady of the house is still in hospital with double pneumonia but will hopefully be out over the weekend.  now other members of our household have the dreaded lurgy as well - just hope they keep it to themselves and stay the fuck away from me.
so many things i want to blog about but start the sentence and change my mind.
i'm having a clearance sale at the end of this month of all Little Vixen's lingerie and sex toys ... everything knocked down to completely ridonculous prices - so far about 10 girls have confirmed that they will come and buy stuff.  Looking forward to selling everything off on the night - will prepare my famous LV Punch, cos that worked like a charm the last party we had!    Even though i have no real emotional ties to this business that I created, i will be sad to fold it all in.  The website goes dead at the end of this month and then that's it.   Anyway, I know now that I can start up and run a reasonably successful an online e-commerce business all by myself (well i did have some seriously brilliant help in the beginning).  The exercise has definitely helped my self-confidence and proven to me that if i put my mind to something I can get it done - and over a long period of time, i have proven that I have longevity when it comes to managing projects - something I had lost faith in previously. 

Speaking of losing faith in oneself, i was beginning to think that maybe I would chicken out and not get anymore of the book written before we leave for pastures green but i surprised myself something holy over last weekend by writing another two thousand words and finishing an entire 'sex scene'  (sorry Rory McCann and boat).   It came out fine.  Pun intended. .  

Monday, August 13, 2012

sicky poos all round

well took eldest daughter to docs this afternoon, cos her bronchitis didn't sound too good to me - turns out i was right - after the x-rays, she was admitted to hospital.  Has pneumonia in both lungs  - not a well lass. Going to see her later on this evening.   This cough (bronchitis) has affected so many people that I know of (clients, family, distant family, friends) in the past couple of months and it's really nasty.  I had it a couple of months ago and thought i was going to expire quite a few times - at least it didn't go to pneumonia with me.  
anyhoo, will post update later

Thursday, August 9, 2012

time off to fart about

Today is "Women's Day" here in the Southern Hemisphere, so we have a lickle hollerday.  Us 'girls' also decided to close shop tomorrow, to give ourselves a well-deserved long weekend.  The weather is sunny and warming up, just did some washing (which will get dry today I think) ... later on i'm going to get stuck into the writing and work through it to some sort of conclusion. 
Check you later.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Snow in Edenvale

this was yesterday but it looks like we might have more later on today, as it's still about minus 1 and low cloud about. quite eventful for Johannesburg and the last time this happened was about five years ago (and not as much snow). Prior to that the last 'big' snow we had up here was in 1981. Weird and wonderful times

Friday, August 3, 2012

Beachcombing around Iceland on my UtUBE

What is happening over there in Reykjavik?

This is Sóley

ooooo and then I found an old Dead Skeltons ...

but then I came across this wistful, introspective beautiful bit of tinkling gorgeousness by Parachutes

But God, there are so many amazing musicians on Iceland ... an endless stream of their music to be found on YouTube and hardly any of these people get so much as a nod from the media ...  take this band  Árstíðir for instance (and they sing in English some of the time) - such quality stuff:

Bloody hell, thought it couldn't get better and then I fell into Singapore Sling ... oh fuck me sideways, i am going to go and live in Iceland!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Low Roar

I can't stop listening to this stuff by Ryan Karazija (aka Low Roar) ... here's another one- such a simply  perfect song.

I'm making up my mind to not decide

And then even more gorgeous, he does this ... 

So you think it can't get better, or keep the consistency going but no, he comes up with this one

Absolutely love this song - probably my favourite of everything I have of his at the moment.

This man is not of our earth.

rambling on

Well stuff is getting done, although sometimes it seems incredibly slow.   
I am now a firm favourite with Antique, Jewellery and Silver collectors up here in Gauteng and we are all on first name terms.  Had a chap come round to our house last night to go over the ‘crown jewels’ with us and ended up getting over R6K for some of the things i needed to sell.  Still have a load of silverware (tea-sets, candelabras, trays, cruet sets and what not) ... i can’t believe how much stuff I have inherited that i need to get rid of!  
Interestingly enough, I came across something that might be worth a pretty penny – it’s an Alfred Meakin  entire 8 setting dinner set of my mother’s (that was actually her late husband’s) which includes dinner plates, side plates, dessert bowls, cups & saucers, teapot, sugar/cream jug, gravy boat, serving platter, serving bowls with lids etc. etc. ... it takes up an entire two shelves of one of my cupboards in the garage ...  not a scratch, chip or burp on it – design is “Autumn Splendour”  - so i’ve contacted a pottery expert in the UK to find out if it’s worth anything at all.   Alfred Meakin died in 1904 and his stuff is of the same ilk as Royal Albert etc.   I also have some Royal Albert pieces as well, haven’t gotten around to checking them yet. 

We received our packing boxes today – 28 in total, all stacked up neatly in the garage.  Somehow he have to fit all our shit into these boxes – not really a problem for me, cos i’ve basically sold all my stuff, or given it away to family and friends but hell, we have a LOT of shite in this house.  We've had three jumble sales already and practically sold everything at each jumble sale and still have enough stuff to hold at least another two jumble sales.   We are supposed to be going again on Sunday to our regular boot sale haunt with another two bakkie loads of stuff ... oi vey.

I’ve completed the UK Ancestry visa applications for lady and man of the house plus kiddies, submitted the applications and will be paying for them tomorrow online – then they are all going on the 6th August to submit the documents and do the biometrics in person.   Hope that all goes smoothly – the application looks really good, if I say so myself.  

I have asked my brother in the UK if he would be interested in renting us his house when we arrive for a few months until we've found our feet because he has two houses now – one he’s bought and one he can’t sell (the one in the UK). He’s now trying to move all their shite into the house in Hungary and as I type this is currently driving to Budapest via the backroads and then on to the little village where their two thousand year old barn/house is - 1700km away from the house in the UK (takes him three days to get there!).   We’ll see how that goes (the renting of his UK house) ... my brother isn’t one for helping anyone out, unless he can see a buck for himself.