Wednesday, August 15, 2012

a right proper post would be nice

it's halfway through August and so far things are moving along but slowly.  lady of the house is still in hospital with double pneumonia but will hopefully be out over the weekend.  now other members of our household have the dreaded lurgy as well - just hope they keep it to themselves and stay the fuck away from me.
so many things i want to blog about but start the sentence and change my mind.
i'm having a clearance sale at the end of this month of all Little Vixen's lingerie and sex toys ... everything knocked down to completely ridonculous prices - so far about 10 girls have confirmed that they will come and buy stuff.  Looking forward to selling everything off on the night - will prepare my famous LV Punch, cos that worked like a charm the last party we had!    Even though i have no real emotional ties to this business that I created, i will be sad to fold it all in.  The website goes dead at the end of this month and then that's it.   Anyway, I know now that I can start up and run a reasonably successful an online e-commerce business all by myself (well i did have some seriously brilliant help in the beginning).  The exercise has definitely helped my self-confidence and proven to me that if i put my mind to something I can get it done - and over a long period of time, i have proven that I have longevity when it comes to managing projects - something I had lost faith in previously. 

Speaking of losing faith in oneself, i was beginning to think that maybe I would chicken out and not get anymore of the book written before we leave for pastures green but i surprised myself something holy over last weekend by writing another two thousand words and finishing an entire 'sex scene'  (sorry Rory McCann and boat).   It came out fine.  Pun intended. .  

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