Friday, August 17, 2012

and on we go

Collected family's UK Ancestry visas yesterday - so they are now 'legal' and can enter the UK anytime from the 15th November.    I have now contracted this crap chest flu, so will have to go and get more antibiotics today because the honey/cinnamon tea miracle cure that I got via email spam yesterday isn't really doing the trick. 
I note that since daughter was admitted to hospital at beginning of this week with double pneumonia, i seem to have spent the entire time in my car, driving around all over the place.   Petrol prices are a killer - i've put over R300 in the tank this week alone and it's on empty again this morning.  We note that food prices have rocketed by over 40% since the beginning of this year as well - bloody ridiculous.
One startling thing that has come out my daughter's stint in a private hospital is the sad lack of trained nurses. An enrolled nurse was doubling as sister in charge of the ward the night before last and she was the only one that knew what she was doing (sort of), all the other nurses were trainees.   My daughter had an airbubble the size of a golf ball in her 'drip', which she watched with growing alarm as it entered the vein in her hand and then went up her arm.   Later in the evening, she had a sharp pain in her chest.
Great.   Her drip was also not changed properly and blood went back into the tube almost all the way back into the bag - she looked like she was donating blood.  
The woman in the next bed needed her diaper changed at 12noon, they only did that at 5pm. 
Night staff were a bit better and more qualified (trained) but this is a general problem that is affecting hospitals all over South Africa (private and government).  Without adequately trained nurses, you can have the best doctors, specialists and equipment on the planet and it won't matter zilch.

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