Wednesday, August 1, 2012

rambling on

Well stuff is getting done, although sometimes it seems incredibly slow.   
I am now a firm favourite with Antique, Jewellery and Silver collectors up here in Gauteng and we are all on first name terms.  Had a chap come round to our house last night to go over the ‘crown jewels’ with us and ended up getting over R6K for some of the things i needed to sell.  Still have a load of silverware (tea-sets, candelabras, trays, cruet sets and what not) ... i can’t believe how much stuff I have inherited that i need to get rid of!  
Interestingly enough, I came across something that might be worth a pretty penny – it’s an Alfred Meakin  entire 8 setting dinner set of my mother’s (that was actually her late husband’s) which includes dinner plates, side plates, dessert bowls, cups & saucers, teapot, sugar/cream jug, gravy boat, serving platter, serving bowls with lids etc. etc. ... it takes up an entire two shelves of one of my cupboards in the garage ...  not a scratch, chip or burp on it – design is “Autumn Splendour”  - so i’ve contacted a pottery expert in the UK to find out if it’s worth anything at all.   Alfred Meakin died in 1904 and his stuff is of the same ilk as Royal Albert etc.   I also have some Royal Albert pieces as well, haven’t gotten around to checking them yet. 

We received our packing boxes today – 28 in total, all stacked up neatly in the garage.  Somehow he have to fit all our shit into these boxes – not really a problem for me, cos i’ve basically sold all my stuff, or given it away to family and friends but hell, we have a LOT of shite in this house.  We've had three jumble sales already and practically sold everything at each jumble sale and still have enough stuff to hold at least another two jumble sales.   We are supposed to be going again on Sunday to our regular boot sale haunt with another two bakkie loads of stuff ... oi vey.

I’ve completed the UK Ancestry visa applications for lady and man of the house plus kiddies, submitted the applications and will be paying for them tomorrow online – then they are all going on the 6th August to submit the documents and do the biometrics in person.   Hope that all goes smoothly – the application looks really good, if I say so myself.  

I have asked my brother in the UK if he would be interested in renting us his house when we arrive for a few months until we've found our feet because he has two houses now – one he’s bought and one he can’t sell (the one in the UK). He’s now trying to move all their shite into the house in Hungary and as I type this is currently driving to Budapest via the backroads and then on to the little village where their two thousand year old barn/house is - 1700km away from the house in the UK (takes him three days to get there!).   We’ll see how that goes (the renting of his UK house) ... my brother isn’t one for helping anyone out, unless he can see a buck for himself.


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