Friday, August 31, 2012

will I?

get over this huge crush on you.

Found out whilst trawling the interwebs that Rory was considered for James Bond no. 6 some time back. Don't know why they didn't take him on ... the cliched comparisons about his resemblance to Sean Connery annoy me. I believe he has a far greater screen presence than the Connery, plus he's better looking, not an arrogant arsehole and God, his voice is to fucking die for. But no, they ended up using the scrawny Daniel Craig.. no accounting for tastes.

Anyway, moving along.
We are having another morning market/jumble sale down the road tomorrow, which hopefully will be successful and fun. Tonight I am holding another Little Vixen party to sell off all the lingerie and adult toys that i haven't managed to flog on my website - the website shuts down tonight (boo hoo). Whatever I don't sell tonight, I will put up on BidorBuy or take with me in my case over to Blightey ... har har, that should be fun going through the Rapiscan scanners and them customs chaps seeing all the dildos and vibrators. Wicked.

I am still hopelessly in love with Rory McCann. Maybe Karma gives me a break once I get to the UK and allows us to bump into each other ... oh my word, what a fantasy that is to be having on a Friday morning.

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