Monday, September 3, 2012

geeky stuff

i've been trawling the 'net for a couple of weeks now, looking for the perfect Netbook /Mini-laptop to compliment my collection of machines at home. I'm running the Dell Vostro at the moment for work and it's quite perfectly fine for office / data storage use, due to the fact that I chose the biggest screen I could (17") ... it's a very powerful machine and i have no problems with it at all, other than it gets blisteringly hot (a problem with Dells, I have found out recently).

The other thing is that due to the size of my Hot 17" wunderkid, it's just not the most comfortable laptop to just pick up and tuck under your arm to wander around the house with. Forget putting it in your bag. (It has its own bag, that weighs about 2kgs and takes up an entire car seat).

So i decided that it would be quite nice to get myself a leekle laptop that i COULD wander around with, sit it on my lap and type away at Ye Olde Booke, hide in bed with surfing UBoob ... something small that I could do word processing on (mainly), check emails, Google ... that kind of thing. Something small that I could pick up and run with, whenever the mood took me (which is quite often, if i'm truthful).
A netbook/mini-laptop seemed like the best idea. However, the more I researched the different makes, the more it became obvious that these thingies are not so quietly being phased out and replaced with tablets. I can easily pick up an Asus Eee PC1015PX for just over R3K, delivered tomorrow but what's the point of buying something that is already defunct on the design front and not in any way powerful.
Now what?

My son and other members of my family have Samsung Galaxy Tablets (bought on cellphone contracts for next to nothing per month), one or two people we have in our family have IPads. So I tried out the Galaxy Tab this weekend and whilst it's fun, it still doesn't do what I want it to do. I don't do Gaming, so all that shite is wasted on me. I looked at the Alienware 10" tablet, that is completely the most fucking sexiest machine on the planet but despite the sexiness of its design, it won't do what I want it to.

Buying a Samsun or IPad outright (which is what I want to do - i'm not interested in contracts), is not something to jump up and down about. It's insanity having to pay over R6K for tablet.
South African dealers charge way to much for computing hardware/software (that's a given) but now I have a real dilemma. The MS Surface is supposed to be released in October (when Windows 8 gets released here) ... I've looked at the specs and yep this will do the trick quite fine, thank you.

Initial rumours are that MS Surface models will be reasonably priced - but what is 'reasonable'? I doubt the retailers here are going to send it out to the South African public at LESS than what they are already ripping us off for IPads.

So, I'm saving up.

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