Monday, October 29, 2012

moving along and out

well we moved out of our house on Saturday and now are staying with my son and his wife ... quite a crowd but comfortable and not too much of a schlepp.   Got rid of my car as well.  Things are moving along.  It's weird not having a house anymore ... never been in a situation like this before - feel a bit like a nomad.  Trying to find a suitable rental in the UK now, been looking since August and we have found a few that are really nice ... but still think it's too early and should only look from mid November.
Transfer of our house sale went through today, so money should be in our account tomorrow.

Monday, October 22, 2012

best laid eggs ...often get scrambled

Car Sale
Well that's not happening at the moment is it! Still waiting for the people's payment to clear so that Wesbank can release the bloody papers and I can go and get registration done.  
But the worst is, we had the mother of all hail storms here over the weekend and of course the car wasn't parked in the garage because we are sorting out boxes and there is no space, so hail stones the size of tennis balls and golf balls whacked the roof and side panel - so now I have to find a dent doctor to suck out the divots ...   and of course, I don't have car insurance now. 

Other hail damage :
Many people in this area had cars completely wrecked, many windows in their houses broken, trees bashed to the ground, it was armageddon.   Our neighbours up the road have two Mercs and these were parked in their garden (they are usually in the garage), the neighbours were out at the mall in their other little run around Chico golf.   Mercs got divots, headlamps smashed, sunroof busted ...

We were lucky, I guess - one upstairs bedroom window got smashed.
rental Kia Picanto car that we organised last week, had its roof peppered.  

Cartage company come this morning to take the 28 boxes and pine toy box full of airsoft guns, cutlery and assorted other junk.    We have no curtains at the windows, they are all in boxes. 

Pawn stars are coming also today to have a look over the last remaining oddments of furniture that we still haven't sold - so hopefully we can get shut of that stuff by tonight.  

We moved a whole load of shite to my son's house over the weekend and will start moving more stuff over there during the course of this week. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

comings, goings, standing stills

Life is slowing down to a panic.   Tons of stuff is getting done and some isn't.   Some things take longer than others – for example the people who bought my car paid the bank by personal cheque and this takes 10 working days to clear, bank won't courier registration papers to me until cheque has cleared, can’t do transfer of ownership into my name until bank have couriered me the registration papers and so on and so on ... told the purchaser to arrange for special clearance on the cheque deposit (the person paying is a  78 year old who doesn’t seem to understand any fundamental thing about the banking system) ... so hopefully he will do this and I can get shut of the car by early next week.  We are scheduled to be out of this house on the 27th October and I’ve already cancelled car insurance ... oi vey

We still have quite a few things to sell but are getting there.  I’m working from the dining room table.   Packed all of my four boxes. 

I sourced a lovely 4/5 bedroom house in the country near Norwich last week and friends of ours went to see it on Saturday – came back with glowing report and loads of photos – so on Monday morning I was all gung ho to sign the lease, pay the deposit and off we go ... to be told when we phoned the UK local estate agent that there are TWO purchase offers pending on the house and they have to wait now until next Monday before they can confirm if it’s still up for rental.  Great.  They could have told me that last week and saved our friends the one hour drive all the way out there to check it out.  Oh Hum.

Too much other crap that i can't be arsed to type out – suffice to say it’s VERY hectic here.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

update from the coal face

well managed to sort out family feud - organised that they both meet down the road at a park in our complex and stood back whilst they duked it out - well it wasn't Ricky Lake but close enough.  Ended up both having a bit of a cry and hugging each other, so now they are friends. 

I am trying to get my car sold, not easy I can tell you.   A chap came to see it this afternoon (a University student with a super rich mommy - he arrived here in a souped-up seriously expensive Mercedes Benz) - he said that he would sms me later on this evening to let me know if he's going to take it - was very keen when he was here, so hold thumbs for me please.   Have another person coming to see it on Saturday.  If all else fails I'm going to try and see if Proton will take it back from me and give me settlement. 

Eldest daughter has pneumonia AGAIN ... she's on serious medication and trying to rest but that's rather difficult in our current situation.   I hope she doesn't have to be readmitted to hospital but the way things are going, that might happen before Monday.  

Not much else to report, other than it's frigging hot here today and I spent the first half of it standing in a queue in the blasted sun outside the UIF waiting to sign on for another paltry pay out.