Monday, October 22, 2012

best laid eggs ...often get scrambled

Car Sale
Well that's not happening at the moment is it! Still waiting for the people's payment to clear so that Wesbank can release the bloody papers and I can go and get registration done.  
But the worst is, we had the mother of all hail storms here over the weekend and of course the car wasn't parked in the garage because we are sorting out boxes and there is no space, so hail stones the size of tennis balls and golf balls whacked the roof and side panel - so now I have to find a dent doctor to suck out the divots ...   and of course, I don't have car insurance now. 

Other hail damage :
Many people in this area had cars completely wrecked, many windows in their houses broken, trees bashed to the ground, it was armageddon.   Our neighbours up the road have two Mercs and these were parked in their garden (they are usually in the garage), the neighbours were out at the mall in their other little run around Chico golf.   Mercs got divots, headlamps smashed, sunroof busted ...

We were lucky, I guess - one upstairs bedroom window got smashed.
rental Kia Picanto car that we organised last week, had its roof peppered.  

Cartage company come this morning to take the 28 boxes and pine toy box full of airsoft guns, cutlery and assorted other junk.    We have no curtains at the windows, they are all in boxes. 

Pawn stars are coming also today to have a look over the last remaining oddments of furniture that we still haven't sold - so hopefully we can get shut of that stuff by tonight.  

We moved a whole load of shite to my son's house over the weekend and will start moving more stuff over there during the course of this week. 

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