Tuesday, October 16, 2012

comings, goings, standing stills

Life is slowing down to a panic.   Tons of stuff is getting done and some isn't.   Some things take longer than others – for example the people who bought my car paid the bank by personal cheque and this takes 10 working days to clear, bank won't courier registration papers to me until cheque has cleared, can’t do transfer of ownership into my name until bank have couriered me the registration papers and so on and so on ... told the purchaser to arrange for special clearance on the cheque deposit (the person paying is a  78 year old who doesn’t seem to understand any fundamental thing about the banking system) ... so hopefully he will do this and I can get shut of the car by early next week.  We are scheduled to be out of this house on the 27th October and I’ve already cancelled car insurance ... oi vey

We still have quite a few things to sell but are getting there.  I’m working from the dining room table.   Packed all of my four boxes. 

I sourced a lovely 4/5 bedroom house in the country near Norwich last week and friends of ours went to see it on Saturday – came back with glowing report and loads of photos – so on Monday morning I was all gung ho to sign the lease, pay the deposit and off we go ... to be told when we phoned the UK local estate agent that there are TWO purchase offers pending on the house and they have to wait now until next Monday before they can confirm if it’s still up for rental.  Great.  They could have told me that last week and saved our friends the one hour drive all the way out there to check it out.  Oh Hum.

Too much other crap that i can't be arsed to type out – suffice to say it’s VERY hectic here.

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