Thursday, October 4, 2012

update from the coal face

well managed to sort out family feud - organised that they both meet down the road at a park in our complex and stood back whilst they duked it out - well it wasn't Ricky Lake but close enough.  Ended up both having a bit of a cry and hugging each other, so now they are friends. 

I am trying to get my car sold, not easy I can tell you.   A chap came to see it this afternoon (a University student with a super rich mommy - he arrived here in a souped-up seriously expensive Mercedes Benz) - he said that he would sms me later on this evening to let me know if he's going to take it - was very keen when he was here, so hold thumbs for me please.   Have another person coming to see it on Saturday.  If all else fails I'm going to try and see if Proton will take it back from me and give me settlement. 

Eldest daughter has pneumonia AGAIN ... she's on serious medication and trying to rest but that's rather difficult in our current situation.   I hope she doesn't have to be readmitted to hospital but the way things are going, that might happen before Monday.  

Not much else to report, other than it's frigging hot here today and I spent the first half of it standing in a queue in the blasted sun outside the UIF waiting to sign on for another paltry pay out. 

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