Monday, November 26, 2012

Got myself a little Samsung handheld video camera today (the HD400) - quite easy to use, reasonably good picture quality and a few neat little features. All in all, quite happy with it but give me a while because i've only really taken three tiny little videos of the kiddies.    The intention is to make a lot of videos of our early days/months in the UK and burn to DVD to send to the family later on.  Already bought us a couch off e-Bay, which is going to be delivered on or about the 10th December.  
We are having a family 'Christmas' nosh up on Saturday night for about fifteen people ... it's going to be the last time we will have the chance to eat Turkey etc. and all the trimmings with our family for many months.   Should be fun.

It's been in the region of 32 degrees C here (most of last week) ... bit cooler today because we had a lot of rain over the weekend.   I understand temperatures are going down in Norwich and should be well into the minuses by the time we get on the plane. 

Feel a bit weird today - slightly lost. 

We still have a lot of work to do before we board the plane, so even though it's very relaxed living here at my son's house, we still have to concentrate on client's applications - bummer.
I'm looking forward to having a proper break for the Christmas holidays.  

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