Friday, December 28, 2012

inevitable is a big word

what's with this new Chanel No.5 ad campaign featuring an oh so intense Brad Pitt mumbling on about God knows what? ... has he lost touch with reality?   He's waxing on about some chic but it's not Angelina ... which kinda negates the entire blurb.  there's no authenticity, no meaning, it's just airhead bimbo hollywood waffle. I wouldn't buy Chanel No. 5 on principle.

I can't cough up enough dosh at the moment for a new DSLR, so I broke down in a moment of weakness the other night and bought a Nikon Coolpix Bridge camera ...hoping to have it delivered tomorrow or Monday, then I can try it out.   

We now have broadband at home - 11.70 Mbps - not bad at all, basically twice the speed of our ADSL in South Africa.   We have been in the UK four whole weeks tomorrow - can't believe it.   It's hard being apart from my boys and youngest daughter ... had a weepy session the other day on the way to some friends of ours for Boxing Day lunch.   Nobody ever said this would be easy.   

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