Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Monday, January 28, 2013

Fade to grey

Oh well the snow is a memory now ... as I type, the rain is splashing down windows and a strong wind is gusting about the eaves.

Yesterday fresh snow - today it's all gone
 I received some art equipment this morning by courier delivery  - I bought canvas, paint and brushes online - now I'm going to have to get an easel, as well as heavy gel medium ... but easels are so expensive! So maybe I can make do with something else as a support for now.

I am really missing everyone back home ... keep finding myself dreaming of driving down Terrace Road towards Andrew's house and popping in for a coffee, maybe a swim.  It's surreal to feel like your body and mind is in another place almost 10,000 kilometres away.    I has a sad today.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Learning things

I suppose you could say we are beginning to settle in.   Life goes on hey?  No matter where you are ... I suppose we'd be settled now if we'd moved to Antarctica.  It's Minus 4 today, so a bit chilly.  I understand that it is in the region 30 to 35 degrees back in Gauteng (almost said back 'home') ... not missing that heat at all.

I borrowed a book from the library yesterday about Acrylic painting (abstracts) and it was quite an eye-opener for me.   The work that this chap was displaying in the book is similar to stuff I've painted over, thrown away, burnt, destroyed in the past ... I thought I had zilch knowledge of technique but it turns out I have more techniques than are taught in Art College!   I've developed my own techniques, not covered in books on acrylic abstract painting.   The way in which the author came to developing each piece in his book, is the same method I have used.  I realised with a bit of a thud that I'm not as crap as I thought I was!
So ... I'm now really excited to be getting some canvas and hope that I can draw on my experience, emotion and technical knowledge to create something really lasting, evocative and beautiful.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bought paint

Well I took the plunge and bought canvasses, brushes and paint online yesterday evening ... should have the stuff tomorrow or Monday ... don't have an easel or anything that I can use as  a 'support' but I suppose I'll figure something out eventually.

Online purchasing is so cool, need to put all my cards away now for at least another two weeks.

Our local library is just down the road and is becoming a favourite place to hang out ... loads of places to chill, fiddle about on the Internet, read books ... so civilised.    We can't get used to civilisation actually.   No road rage.  People are polite in shops.  Pumping your own petrol. You can leave your handbag dangling from the front of your shopping trolley and nobody will try and steal it.  Minus 17 last night out in the fields. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Not the nine o'clock news

The snow is quite awesome but irritating at the same time, specially when it turns to brown sludge. 
People in our cul-de-sac don't seem to salt their driveways, which I find quite strange - and we've watched at least one car skidding out of control, no traction in the snow and not being able to get out of the road to work.   It's a simple thing to just put some salt down and voila! snow gone ... and at least you can get your tyres free of snow for a few feet before you hit the road.  Oh well, i'm new at this stuff so probably I've got it all wrong anyway.

Purchasing things online is big in the UK and I can see why. Shopping in Norwich town itself is a nightmare and not to be recommended.  It's completely exhausting, for one thing.   Being a lazy assed South African, we are used to parking at a huge mall, grabbing a trolley, walking around for two or three hours and dropping purchases into the trolley, then strolling back to the car, loading everything into the boot (trunk, if yer American) and off you go - no sweat, no hassling with hundreds of bags.   But in Norwich, even though there are a couple of reasonably sized malls, most of the fun shops are in the High/side streets.  So if you end up going to two or even three separate little shops and then into a mall, you could have up to five or six bags per person ... and then a massive walk up and down hills back to your car. No thank you very much.   I prefer Click, choose, checkout, press send ... and a day later, lovely little presents arrive at your door delivered by a very nice chap driving his big van. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Book alert

Just finished reading:

Amazon link here for full description and a bio of author, Eowyn Ivey.

This simple, yet magical story is set in Alaska in the 1920's ... and from the first page the writer sucks you into another world, another time ... it is a beautiful, tragic, enchanting, uplifting, human story; shot full with mystery, enchantment and myth.  It is both savage and fragile  ...  one of the best reads I've experienced in a long time. 

AMOK - one track so far on YouTube.

And a new Thom thingie to kick off 2013  - don't like this vid though - and the track sounds like it was one they might have left off King of Limbs. 

yeah well

I whinged quite  a lot in the last post, so i deleted it.  Really, i'm quite a moron hey?  All I had to do was change the settings on the effing Country Life blog so that only 'approved readers' could look at it.  Duh.  Oh well, I sent a couple of invites to my Life as a Carrot homies and hope that you guys will continue to read the occasional post I put up about life in Norwich and environs, over there on CL.

One thing I've learnt over the past year or so is not to start a sentence with 'I'm not going to ...' or 'I'm going to ....'   just leaves yourself wide open to falling into your own poo really hey?

I'm battling a bit with new immigrant psychosis.  Don't get me wrong at all, I'm not unhappy.   I'm just battling to adjust.  Maybe it's the area, i'm not familiar with it at all.  It's a pretty part of England, to be sure ... possibly one of the prettiest parts to live in the whole country.   People are friendly, helpful.  Systems work.  We are getting on with settling into a routine.

Update on the Country Life Blog

In order to view the blog, readers must email me and then I can add them to the reader's list, otherwise you can't view it.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello 2013

Hope everyone who passes by this spot got their New Year off to a good start with a loud bang ... 
Erm, maybe I should rephrase that? ...  nah