Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bought paint

Well I took the plunge and bought canvasses, brushes and paint online yesterday evening ... should have the stuff tomorrow or Monday ... don't have an easel or anything that I can use as  a 'support' but I suppose I'll figure something out eventually.

Online purchasing is so cool, need to put all my cards away now for at least another two weeks.

Our local library is just down the road and is becoming a favourite place to hang out ... loads of places to chill, fiddle about on the Internet, read books ... so civilised.    We can't get used to civilisation actually.   No road rage.  People are polite in shops.  Pumping your own petrol. You can leave your handbag dangling from the front of your shopping trolley and nobody will try and steal it.  Minus 17 last night out in the fields. 

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