Friday, January 25, 2013

Learning things

I suppose you could say we are beginning to settle in.   Life goes on hey?  No matter where you are ... I suppose we'd be settled now if we'd moved to Antarctica.  It's Minus 4 today, so a bit chilly.  I understand that it is in the region 30 to 35 degrees back in Gauteng (almost said back 'home') ... not missing that heat at all.

I borrowed a book from the library yesterday about Acrylic painting (abstracts) and it was quite an eye-opener for me.   The work that this chap was displaying in the book is similar to stuff I've painted over, thrown away, burnt, destroyed in the past ... I thought I had zilch knowledge of technique but it turns out I have more techniques than are taught in Art College!   I've developed my own techniques, not covered in books on acrylic abstract painting.   The way in which the author came to developing each piece in his book, is the same method I have used.  I realised with a bit of a thud that I'm not as crap as I thought I was!
So ... I'm now really excited to be getting some canvas and hope that I can draw on my experience, emotion and technical knowledge to create something really lasting, evocative and beautiful.

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