Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Not the nine o'clock news

The snow is quite awesome but irritating at the same time, specially when it turns to brown sludge. 
People in our cul-de-sac don't seem to salt their driveways, which I find quite strange - and we've watched at least one car skidding out of control, no traction in the snow and not being able to get out of the road to work.   It's a simple thing to just put some salt down and voila! snow gone ... and at least you can get your tyres free of snow for a few feet before you hit the road.  Oh well, i'm new at this stuff so probably I've got it all wrong anyway.

Purchasing things online is big in the UK and I can see why. Shopping in Norwich town itself is a nightmare and not to be recommended.  It's completely exhausting, for one thing.   Being a lazy assed South African, we are used to parking at a huge mall, grabbing a trolley, walking around for two or three hours and dropping purchases into the trolley, then strolling back to the car, loading everything into the boot (trunk, if yer American) and off you go - no sweat, no hassling with hundreds of bags.   But in Norwich, even though there are a couple of reasonably sized malls, most of the fun shops are in the High/side streets.  So if you end up going to two or even three separate little shops and then into a mall, you could have up to five or six bags per person ... and then a massive walk up and down hills back to your car. No thank you very much.   I prefer Click, choose, checkout, press send ... and a day later, lovely little presents arrive at your door delivered by a very nice chap driving his big van. 

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