Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy (Belated) Sexy Day

Keep thinking about a music video on YouTube from Susanne Sundfør that I watched a while ago - it really upset me on a whole range of levels ... something I wasn't expecting. 

It looks like I might be getting somewhere on the job searching front but I don't want to give any tip offs in case I jinx it.  So when I have actually secured the work, I will post something about it here.
I'm looking forward to the weekend - got a whole load of painting to do.  My easel is grand!  I keep it in the corner of my bedroom, can't quite believe that I've got a 'real' easel, like professional artists use. 

The weather here in Long Stratton today is beautiful - sunny, blue skies, quite mild outside ... lovely day for going to the beach. 

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