Friday, February 22, 2013

Hot Wired always feature thought-provoking articles for the layman - especially when it comes to astronomy.  Some of them aren't particularly accurate but they do make you ponder matters Cosmic on a Friday morning.
The series they've done on 3D Nebula images is quite beautiful - although I think a lot of artistic license was used in generating the gorgeous pictures, judge for yourself.

What I really liked though today, is a series of photos (Strange Nebulas and their Earthly Doppelgangers), showing natural objects alongisde their interstellar 'mirror image' ... as per the set of photos below (featuring the Bug/Butterfly Nebula in the centre image) - quite charming.

I'm pleased to say that I am the first in our household to have secured employment in Ye Olde England, something I wasn't expecting to have happened at all!  I'm quite chuffed with myself.   I am also lucky, in that  I can work from home - so that's an added bonus.    It's the same kind of work that I was doing in South Africa a couple of years ago (transcript typing) but much more formalised and intense - the earning potential is reasonably good (better than I would have been getting in SA as well).   I am going to start 'officially' on Monday - so that's cool.

It's just started snowing again ... light fluffy bits of dandruff blowing about all over the place - the kids are ecstatic.     My son (in South Africa) had a motor bike accident on Wednesday, which gave us all a helluva fright but at least he's okay - purple bruised feet, knees, arms, chest etc. but nothing broken. Thank Dog for that.

The ship with all our worldly possessions in it has finally left Durban harbour and last time I checked it was rounding the Cape of Good Hope  (courtesy of -bloody marvellous app that!)

Anyhoo, have a groovy weekend.  I think I am going to get stuck into the Red Label tonight, 'bout time I celebrated stuff.

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