Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Job searching

Finding work in Norfolk is easier said than done.   There are hundreds of job site portals these days - from (all over the world), jobs24,  Reed, jobrapido ... etc. etc.    and all of them feature the same jobs.   Most of the jobs are either a) scam jobs, i.e. getting people to phone them or send them CV's so that they can market products/services/training courses to the prospective job searcher or b) they are jobs advertised by recruiters that have been filled by local people already, or involve a battery of interviews, tests, assessments - again, to be told that they want you to take a course. 
The days of being able to apply direct to an employer have gone - instead you are forced to send your CV to a computer.  
Very frustrating.
My daughter has had two 'employers' phone her to come in for interviews in the past week.
The first one wouldn't say what the job was about at all, just that she had to come and see them for a 'presentation' ... we all know how that pans out.    Two hours later, they try and con you into buying a training course.
The second job interview that she secured for tomorrow at 4pm in the centre of Norwich (working for the UK's most respected fundraising organisation .... their words in italics)  is plain and simple - cold selling, knocking on doors, selling Oxfam etc. to people door-to-door.  Hours of work 3pm to 9.30pm Monday to Friday and no guaranteed basic salary, just some vague hourly rate that they deliberately undersell in the publicity / advertising blurbs.    In other word s- another non-job..


  1. One of the biggest trends here is that after you submit your resume online and fill out an electronic application, they often want you to take a 'personality' test. If you don't take the test, they system won't accept your resume/application. Only it isn't mentioned until the end. After you've taken an hour to submit everything. Tricky bastards.

  2. The creepy thing is they also check your Internet profile these days as a matter of course - which is why I am so thankful I don't have a Facebook page that's in my personal name ... bloody hell, I'd never get a job if a recruiter read this blog on a regular basis!