Saturday, February 9, 2013

White nothingness

Is there such a thing as Painter's Block? 
I have two completely ice white, blank canvasses; all shiny new, still wrapped in cellophane - one is perched on the easel in the corner of my bedroom, ready to have paint put on it; the other is propped up in corner. 
And then all sorts of stupid thoughts start coming into my head - what if I can't find the right subject and I mess up the canvas?   I've only got two canvasses but in my head there are a million pictures, which idea do I focus on, where to start?

I suddenly realised this morning, that i've been making excuses to myself not to start ... can't do anything just yet, until the easel arrives;  can't start just yet until the heavy gel medium arrives;   can't paint this morning until the rest of the acrylic paints arrive ... and on and on.


  1. That was always such a horrible feeling. Just having it stare back at you. Ugh. The possibilities are always endless and that is so intimidating. Bullies, those canvasses.

  2. Precisely but I got the better of its bad ass ...