Sunday, March 10, 2013

In cars ...

Several things I have to be glad about at the moment.  Number ONE being the fact that I've managed to buy myself a Subaru Forester.  (Must mention that this might not have happened without the help of a sizeable chunk of cash money, courtesy of my son-in-law).   The Scub's not  new - in fact, it's practically ready for retirement - 2002 model - but it looks very good, drives really well, is SUBARU and what more can I ask for?  I'm hoping to pick it up next week after it's had a service and been through the MOT.     It's surreal - to think that I've wanted a Scubby since about 2001.  Oh well, good things come to those who wait, hey?    When I have it in my sticky paws, I will take lots and lots of photos and bore everyone to death for at least another month - waxing on and on about how marvellous it is and taking pictures every time it farts.

The heroine in my (er ...unpublished)  'book' (or short story, depends on how you look at it and from what angle), drives a Scub Forester ... previously I had to rely on the guys at Ultimate Subaru in the US to help me with technical questions about what the vehicle could and couldn't do (with a winch) - well now I can sort of figure it out for myself.  I will be completely chuffed with my bad self after I get to grips with the AWD handle, which sits just aft of the gear stick.
I'm not the world's most technical person (cough, chokes up in her nose laughing) but once I've been shown how it's done (by a capable person who doesn't lecture and make me feel like a cretin) ... and I've had a go myself - then I'm okay.   I have to keep telling myself that I DID manage to negotiate a couple of stunts at the Grintek track in Pretoria all those years ago with the Scub Legacy - and that with a car full of passengers.  Electronic equipment does have a tendency to blow up near me but so far, I've been okay with the mechanical aspects of cars.  Hope this trend continues.  

The weather has turned quite bad lately - when we were going and coming back from the garage that's selling the Scubby - the roads were completely flooded in long stretches, it was quite scary making bow waves with the Ford ... then when we were on the highway, the snow started coming down in large drifts.   We passed two accidents (and one looked very serious) within the space of a couple of hundred metres.    Granddaughter is supposed to be going on a school field trip on Monday to Holt Hall, they are staying overnight and I really hope it won't be cancelled due to the weather, she will be completely devastated and so will we, cos so far it's cost quite a bit - what with the extra gear we had to purchase specially for this trip (orienteering and what not).

Oh well I've got to get back to editing another hour-long transcript I'm working on that has to be submitted by Tuesday's 12noon deadline.

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