Friday, March 1, 2013

Jumping in to the UK workforce, boots and all

Well lady of the house has secured gainful employment - really pleased for her and a great achievement - only one interview and that's that.    She has secured a job in the centre of Norwich, working for an insurance company - completely new department, so she won't have to put up with tiresome biddies who have been working at the company for years and want to constantly boss her about (not that you can do that with her anyway but you know what I mean).   She will receive excellent training and at a later date, complete a course which will give her a recognised qualification in the financial advisory field.
Something she's wanted to do for a while.   Her horoscope said that she would start a new career this month and would have a meteoric rise to the top in super-fast time ... so that's also something to think about.    

Now all we have to do is get man of the house into some kind of paid employment and we will be 'a' for away.    

Went to the dentist yesterday and was told that I have an infection under one of my top teeth, so treatment is the first option, then once the inflammation is down, we are going to get the nerve deaded and removed.  If that doesn't work, then tooth will be yanked out.   I love dentists,  and don't mind having my teeth worked on at all.   I was really pleased when I came home yesterday (despite my curling mouth - I looked like a stroke victim for a couple of hours until the anaesthetic wore off).   The great thing, I always say, about going to the dentist is you go there in agony and come out with no pain.  Well yesterday that was the case up until 5pm, but then as the drugs started to wear off, the thundering pain returned and it's kept up a steady throb ever since.   I guess I need to give the penicillin chance to work (didn't have to pay for it - how's that?!) ... hopefully the infection will be gone by the start of next week, otherwise, I'm going to have to go back and ask her to pull the tooth - there's only so much of this crap that I can take.

My brother is settled in Hungary - after a 24 hour drive!  God, how awful.   But they arrived at midnight or so and the neighbours had lit fires for them in the lounge and bedroom - so the house was toasty.   They seem to be managing to settle in quite nicely in their 'new' home.  Their furniture arrived at 2am last Sunday morning.   

I've got some typing work to do over this weekend - so will do that on Sunday. 

I'm taking little missy into Norwich tomorrow on the bus (if the weather's nice) to pick out a present for her mum for mother's day - should be fun. 

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