Thursday, March 14, 2013

Scubby Dubby Doo ...

Well I knew I should have not posted anything about my tendency to stuff things up that are electronic and that I don't have any issues with mechanical shit ... stoopid, stoopid ... (Bangs head against wall really hard)

Well I purchased the Subaru Forester, which was all fab and all ... yes?  James (the assistant manager of the garage where I bought it from) phoned me up on Tuesday morning to go and fetch it.  We get there (I went with lady of the house) and had to wait over an hour and a half - as it wasn't at the garage but was somewhere else (who knows where?).

Eventually get the car and drive off down the road.  Only to find when I change down from 3rd to 2nd to go round a corner, it stalled.   Thought maybe I had put it in wrong gear, cos not familiar with it ... but nope.  It continued to stall all the way home - didn't matter at what speed either - even on the highway, changing down from 5th to 4th, it stalled.  Coming into a roundabout and slowing down, it stalled.  Slowing down in traffic, it stalled.  Bloody nightmare bringing it home.  Lady of the house, at one point, was quite far in front of me and had pulled off into a lay-by waiting for me to catch up - I saw her and motioned for her to get into the road in front of me but she wasn't fast enough and I couldn't slow down, otherwise I would have stalled again - so she ended up behind me.  She kept giving me the thumbs up and thought I was being slow because I wasn't familiar with the car.   

Anyhoo, we get home and lady of the house also had a go driving it (after I recounted the sorry saga of how it was stalling all the time) and she had the same problem.   Parked it in the driveway, which is where it stood.  Next morning, went out and it wouldn't start at all - battery dead.  So I phoned the garage and eventually the owner (another James but he's better looking) phoned me back and said that they'd sort it out.   James the Second (the person I bought the car from), had an abscess on his bum, so they were short staffed at the moment ... no, I kid you not.  I also tried my best not to laugh but the good-looking James was hosing himself while he was telling me the sorry story of James II's backside.   Oh well, maybe one of these days they'll come and sort it out ... I'm not holding my breath.  I have actually prepared myself for the fact that I might have to ask for my money back and buy something else that's entirely none-Subaru but which drives in a straight line without dying every time you change gear.   

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