Monday, April 22, 2013

Do you know Fred Bloggs and 8 others?

I'm so sick of Facebook.   Why do I keep getting these fucking dumb ass emails EVERY DAY, with a list of people's names on and asking me 'do you know whatshisface or dingamalary and 6 others' ... what if I did? It's got eff all to do with ArsePage. 
It's such a sad application and desperate as all hell to rule the world. 

Twitter is just as bad.  
Here are some people you might enjoy following ...
And then they follow that lame assed heading with a bunch of mugshots or cartoon avatars of people like 'Albert' and 'Squigglypants' ... huh?
Fuck off. 
You don't know me Twitterpater, how can you assume to know who I would want to slavishly follow? 
Why would I follow anyone anyway?  I don't follow.
I stalk. 

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