Monday, April 1, 2013

no april fool

I reckon the google smell app was probably the most enjoyable april fools joke I've seen in a very long time.

Regular persons to this ere blog, might notice that I have taken down the Subaru poster, badge etc. ... sadly, my Subaru was returned to the garage last week and I now have an Astra Station Wagon ... don't laugh, I'll punch you in the face.     I am not very happy (no shit sherlock) but the Ashtray does at least go forward, seems to run okay, is in good condition (so far).  But still, it's no Subaru is it?
Moan, whinge, cry, sniff ... etc. etc.  yawn.

From the end of the Easter school holidays (14th April, I think), the daily routine of my life will be forever changed.  Foreverly. Like.

Child A (who is at Primary school at the moment) starts school in the mornings at 0840am and finishes at 3.15pm
Child B (who is at Nursery school) starts school at 12.15 in the afternoon and finishes also at 3.15pm

In this neck of the woods, there are no facilities (that we know of, or that are actually any use) for working parents to drop children off early or leave them somewhere until they come home from work - so in the majority of cases, the business of dropping off kiddies and fetching them every day falls to close family members (me) or unemployed Chavs. So from the 14th April, my day will go something like this :

*0730 to 0800 - check work emails. 

* 0825, load kiddies into my car and drive to Primary school, drop off Child A and drive home.
*1200, get Child B ready and then walk to Nursery school (about 5 minutes walk from our house).  Walk home again.
*1230 to about 3pm - me time - in which I do wurk and stuff.   i.e. do the washing, clean the house, type a million transcripts, immigrate a few people to Australia ... that kinda thing.  No biggie. 
*3pm - depending on weather - either walk to Nursery school, pick up Child B, then walk down to the bottom of the road and watch for Child A to join me at the corner (it's just over a block from the Primary School to the corner of the road and I can see to the Primary school gate, so it's not dangerous and we're going to be rehearsing this during the course of this week).
*Walk home or drive home - to be back at the house round about 3.30pm
*3.30 to 4.30pm - light drinks/snacks, sort out uniform for the next day for both kiddies, do homework, try not to kill kiddies. 
*4.30pm to 5.30pm - prepare dinner, stop fights, watch CBeebies. 

From about 730pm, I will have time to check on my work and email it off to my boss - and I can do this up until about 10pm if I have to. 

From September, Child B starts Reception year at Nursery school and his day begins at more or less the same time as his sisters (Child A)  - which will mean that I will have more of a 'day' to work with (regular working hours, sort of).

Oh and from the end of April (or just before then), we are getting an 8 - 9 week old Lhasa Apso puppy - so his routine will also be included in that described above.  Hectic.

I'm looking forward to the regular walking, should be able to knock off about half a ton in a couple of months, if I'm disciplined and don't use the car too much.

Don't actually know how I am going to get the chance to go away on my jaunts to Wales or Scotland that I had kinda planned out for myself when I was in South Africa.  But I guess there are ways around shit hey?
At least, I'll be busy and there's always Bank Holidays.

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