Wednesday, April 10, 2013

puppies and stuff

The weather has definitely improved and we've had some lovely sunny days.  I'm trying to stay sane looking after the kiddies - today we managed to go for a walk into the woods and fields, it was quite sweet, completely knackered out our puppy.    Yep, we now have a Lhasa Apso - she's just over 9 weeks old, is called Lai-La (Dalai-Lama) cos her great grand-dad to the power of N was from Tibet ...   This is her:

One day she might look like this:
but I'm not holding my breath.

Kiddies go back to school from Monday.  Our cartage arrives tomorrow at about 11am - a whole 27 boxes plus one pine toy box full of airsoft guns.   Oh joy.   I am praying that the boxes haven't ripped to shreds and that our stuff is still usable.  The kids are so excited, so lets hope all their toys are okay.

Game of Thrones started at the beginning of this month but we don't have Sky Atlantic, so won't be seeing it for yonks I suppose.   I understand it starts in SA this week - so if we'd stayed in Edenvale, I would be able to watch it ... bummer.
Oh well, someone is going to have to send me the boxed DVD set when it gets put onto public domain.

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