Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wind, wind, CHAVs and wind

Now I know why there are windmills all over the area around Norwich and why windfarms are so much in evidence out in the sea and in certain parts of the countryside _aside, God these things are AWFUL!  Who on earth decided that wind turbines looked attractive?  They are the ugliest things in creation and not enough research has been done into the side-effects of these massive monstrosities.   Especially with regards noise pollution and ground/soil/flora erosion/extinction.

Moving on.   Off soap box.
The wind in this part of the world (oh, am I talking about the wind again!)  ... well, okes in Cape Town might think the Doctor is bad, you have no idea.   Me and grandson were literally blown through a walkway in our local shopping 'centre' this morning, when I went to get bread and milk after dropping missy off at school.   It's howling through the rafters as I type this missive and the trees are practically bent over double.   Norfolk is one helluva windy county.

I'm beginning to think that the national past-time in Britain is to have children.  It's actually laughable how many children on average each family has here.  Upwards of 6 in some cases.  Each day when I go to take Ewan to Nursery school, there are twenty to thirty mums coming the opposite way, pushing prams with 2 to 3 children per pram.  In some cases, they have the babies in the pram and one or two toddlers staggereing along beside.  Super-prams are the norm here, that are capable of seating two babies, one toddler and one older child - they look like miniature buggies and wouldn't look out of place being drawn by a small pony.  But there they are being pushed up the road, completely taking over the pavement, in a head wind.  Blimey.

And then there's the Chavs ... Council Housed and Violent (i understand, that's what CHAV means).  Fake spray on tans are de rigeur plus enormous hoop earrings, tights (well everyone wears tights in the UK), cut off denim shorts,  Amy Winehouse hair, tons of eye make up and regulatory pram with 2 to 6 kids in tow.  Oh and chewing gum. And tattoos. Everywhere.

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