Thursday, May 2, 2013

Another bright and sunny day

Have a few minutes before I hot foot it off to the Primary/Nursery schools to fetch kiddies.
I went to vote this morning - what a change of experience to that a person gets in SA.  Firstly, no cops, security guards, queues.  No having to put ink/dye on your thumb nail.  Just two neat little desks about 6 foot apart from each other - one marked A - L and the other marked M - Z - you vote in the order of your street name.  Two sets of ladies.  No fussing about.  Found my address on the voters lists, 20 secs later I was done and out of there.  What a pleasure.

I think I am starting to adjust to life here in the sticks, although it will take about a year (I think) for the real stress to completely disappear.  I still get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach each morning, kinda preparing myself for the hit that surely will come to the solar plexus sometime during the day.   Lady of the house and myself really got the stuffing knocked out of us when we were in SA what with trying to keep our bread & butter business going at the same time as selling/moving house and migrating to the United Kingdom.  No easy task that, in retrospect we were a bit fucking mental.

Here in the villages and byways of Norfolk, it's really like sleepy hollow and I can see how easy it could be to end up never going anywhere other than just down the road for your monthly groceries.  Not that that will ever happen with our family!   We went to Thetford Forest Park last weekend and are hoping to go to a real genuine Castle this weekend and watch Knights do battle in full armour.   Looking forward to that - according to the weather people, we will have lovely sunny days over our Bank Holiday weekend (starts on Saturday).  

With a bit of luck, if the man of the house gets his leave sorted out today, we are going to look at going back to SA for Christmas holidays, to spend Kersfees with the famdamily ... I think that would be quite awesome actually (had a complete change of heart from previous thinking on this subject).  Christmas is a time that you traditionally want to be with your nearest and dearest, so it would be grand if we could all get over there this year to see everyone.  By then my son and his wife will have had their first child and he/she will be about 4 months old, which is a gorgeous age to meet a baby!

Oh well, have to run.

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