Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A bit too much planning ...

It's warm and muggy, so why not a few words hey?  
I have begun planning my daily activities list for the school holidays (all six weeks of them) which start next week.  In between occupying the kiddies and trying to avoid the outbreak of World War III,  I do also need to do a bit of my own work from time to time.  I can't actually believe that it's only 6 weeks away from me being able to work full day for myself.  September has always been seen as a kind of mystical milestone month this year, in our collective family mindset and it's fast upon us.   I think my life will change quite dramatically once the kiddies are at school full day.  

I got to talking to two mummies this morning when I dropped Ewan off, one of them is a child-minder - a really sweet girl with the most infectious smile; I've often wondered when seeing her wandering around the village with a large brood in tow if she was a child minder, turns out I was right.
The other mummy is about to pop with her second child and I think she's Polish, have to ask her next time she decides to speak to me.  Anyway I have found a child minder who would be handy to know if I needed any more breaks away in the future when I'm off  'travelling with my Aunt'.   I've got the child-minders' name and telephone number and she seemed quite keen to look after Ewan and his sister - she's met both of them before.

Anyway have to dash.  

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