Thursday, July 18, 2013

all the signs are there ...

My Aunt sent me a card with a newspaper cutting advertisement for the train trip that we are going on in October.  I didn't read it straight away, only in the car whilst waiting to go into the school to collect Ewan.  I had to do a double take and in order to explain why, it's necessary for me to back track a bit to last year March/April. 

When we were in South Africa and I'd watched Series Two of Game of Thrones, plus read all George Martin's books, I started working on a romantic story and erm ... cough ... loosely based the hero of my story on Rory McCann (as you do, when you have an obsession).  Of course, I was the heroine but at age 30.  Ahem, moving on.   

Anyway, I have always had a yen for really out of the way places, the more desolate and unpopulated an area is, the happier I become.  I purposefully looked for a location to set my story in that would be considered 'remote' because my lead female character had issues she was running away from that needed an isolated, off-the-beaten-track setting.   I searched all over the world, but eventually concentrated on the Northern hemisphere  because I had already decided that there had to be a lot of snow and as I'd been to Scotland many times in my youth, I focused on that country ... eventually stumbling upon a place called  Thurso, which is the northernmost town in Great Britain, I believe.    

I got stuck into research, Google Earthed the place to death - i.e. walked up and down the coastline, designed maps etc. etc. and wrote up about 30,000 words ... the story  was going along at a cracking pace. I even enlisted the help of the guys over at Ultimate Subaru to give me technical advice on certain things that my heroine did with her Scubby Forester in the snow (that sounds rather odd).     Anyway, all this aside, I eventually had to mothball the novel (novella?) due to the hectic preparations we had when moving out from South Africa to here in Norwich.

The trip I'm going on with my Aunt in October eventually goes out as far as Dunrobin Castle, John O'Groats ... with a break in Wick and ... Thurso.   
Is Karma messin' with me again? 

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