Monday, July 29, 2013


New poured acrylic experiments, using my own pouring medium.

Post script
Since doing this video and these pieces, I've now realised that the 'fissure' effect I was interested in, is actually a process called 'CRAZING' and a big no-no.  (Smacks hand very hard)
Crazing can be stopped by applying a clear gel (like the one I used for finishing the pieces without Liquitex Pouring Medium in) in thin coats, layer upon layer.  The only big problemo that I can see with that technique is that brush/tool marks are going to be left behind on the surface and it will look uggerly.  So ... back to the drawing board.  I am determined to come up with my own recipe for a gloss finished pouring medium that I can combine successfully with acrylic paints, it can't be THAT hard can it?

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