Monday, July 15, 2013

Scotland ahoy .. och aye.

Well I'm off up to Inverness in October with my aunt for a wee jaunt, as they say in the classics.  God, wouldn't it be absolutely magnificent and splendid (pleeeeeeeeze Dear Karma person) if I bumped into this personage:


 Heck it's only about 60 odd kilometres from Inverness to Wester Ross (where Rory hides his boat, I understand).   You just never know ...  maybe if I say it enough, like a mantra ... 'I will meet Rory McCann in October' ... and in extra large Italic Font, it might just happen.  And if it DID, then we all know that it would be as a direct result of the years of meticulous planning I put into it (not stalker planner,  ordinary good person planning)   

It's not much, in the general scheme of things when you think of it.  People ask for and get much bigger dreams coming tru on a daily basis.  I'm not asking to win the Euro-Millions - well not this week. 

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