Thursday, August 15, 2013

No art journal here ...

I feel compelled to say something about 'art journaling' ... this is a phenomenon all of its own that seems to have spread out across all corners of the globe, generating billions of profits for stamp and ink manufacturers, as well as other side industries that supply all the goodies to turn a piece of paper in a diary into something 'arty'.

I have watched hundreds of demos on YouTube lately, lovingly made by ladies (for the most part), of various ages, professions and cultures.   Some of the videos are 20 minutes or so long, showing the minute detail that goes into crafting the personally designed pages of the person's art journal.  Some ladies do a series - an art journal a day.  The products that are used and the variety of treatments that can be put onto a page (collage effects, embossing, punching, image transfer to name a few) is immense, depending on how sophisticated and knowledgeable the art journalist is.  Many millions are spent worldwide on this hobby ... because that's what it is.  It's crafting but taken to another level.  The amount of money that some of the ladies spend on their products is astounding.  I've seen some women with studios of equipment and exhaustive supplies, all neatly lined up ready to start another page.   Whatever colour of ink or paint or gadget they want, they have to hand.  Stencils, special glitter effect paints, etc. etc. ....

I can't fathom it.  I don't get it.  Although I like watching them make their pages - it's better than staring at the TV.

But for me, who isn't capable of working 'small' - I can't imagine anything more frustrating than spending hours and hours, glueing and stamping, painting and rubbing onto a piece of paper to make it look steam punk or cafe pretty ... stencilling cliches like "love is all around"  or "today is the first day of the rest of your life" crap onto the page.

The time and effort that some of these chicks spend on art journaling could be used to create a lasting, permanent piece of art -  many of the gals I have been watching are no slouch in the creativity department, many of them are perfectly good and capable artists.  So why waste time fiddling about for hours on end, making videos about it, spending hundreds and thousands of pounds/dollars on equipment, tools, materials, just to create little collages that mean absolutely nothing to anyone else?

I suppose it's for the same reason that any 'artist' attempts to create things - for the sheer joy, spiritual development and introspection.  Just wish they'd stop flooding YouTube!

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