Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer days

I've put some new abstract work over on my other art blog here (opens in a new window).
I've done quite a bit of art recently and am pleased with the results.  I'm looking forward to when the kiddies are back at school, so that I can devote at least one day a week to serious development of large canvasses, as I think I'm now ready to start building up a collection sufficient to put on display and sell. I'm not doing an online selling exercise, I've decided to look at marketing the work out in the open - there are a couple of places that I've earmarked for this purpose  - but want to have sufficient stuff to put out that will attract punters.   And not small stuff, the larger the better. 

We all went to the beach yesterday, as it was a Bank Hooligan day here, so we figured as the weather was lovely and sunny, not much of a chilly breeze that it might be a nice change and of course, kinda free.    We went to Caister on Sea to the Caister Point beach, which is a lovely stretch of golden sand winding up the coast as far as the eye can see.  It was a lovely day and great for the kiddies.  Caister dates back to Roman times (or before then) and there are remains of a Roman fort in the town - we didn't go to have a look but it seems rather incongruous and matter of fact that these ruins are surrounded by semi-detached houses and urbanity.  (from the pictures on Wikipedia at least)

Wikipedia image - not mine

The beach looking up the coast

The kiddies have been reasonably well behaved throughout most of the summer holidays, although there are some days when I want to drown both of them - you can't have it all ways, I guess.  I am also feeling much more confident about driving around with them in the car now. 

It's hard not being able to hold my new baby grandson, he's such a cutie pie and so tiny!  I get to see him on Skype every now and then, although the signal is not very good most of the time and there's a lot of pixilation with the images.  My son sends me small audio/video files from time to time of baby burping, or making little noises - just breaks my heart.   Oh well, soon come we can go over in February next year (I hope) and I'll be able to play with baby and get to know him a little bit - he'll also be more responsive then because at the moment all he really does is eat, poop and sleep.

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