Monday, September 9, 2013

Coming soon to a car boot sale near you ...

From next week Monday, I will have the house to myself for the whole day - well at least up until 3pm!  I'm so looking forward to that.   At the moment, little man is at home in the mornings - he goes to school from 1pm to 3pm every afternoon until Wednesday this week and then he will be going for a bit longer.  It seems quite ridiculous that they have to 'baby' the kids into going to school and stagger the amount of hours they spend there until they are up to full day.  Little man is used to going to school and when we were in SA he was at creche full day anyway - in fact he was away from his parents (and me) from 730am until 5pm each day, so much longer separation and it didn't bother him at all.

I'm excited that I am actually getting work together sufficient for a mini-exhibition.  I am quite pleased with the things that I've managed to salvage and prepare for a 'show'.  Even though I'm going to start tentatively selling art at car boot stalls, it gives me something to prepare for and if nothing else, I might manage to meet people who know where to market semi-professional art properly. I would be so cool if I could actually sell some of my latest work.

 Norfolk has a huge art community, there are numerous flyers, brochures and posters from various organisations and studios, put out for free and readily available in the information displays at your local Tescos, or the Co-op.   I picked a brochure booklet up last week and it was quite an eye-opener to see just how many galleries and associations there are that concentrate on promoting emerging artists in this part of the world.  Hope I can find someone who likes my work, enough to give me a commission, then I'll be well and truly happy. 

Anyway, once I have gathered the pieces together, I'm going to try and take half-decent photos in relevant settings, that actually do the work justice.   I've noticed a lot of online artists like to 'pose' their paintings in some minimalist Bauhaus styled interior, hanging pompously above expensive looking leather couches and what not ... I think that's lank pretentious but if it works for the 'pros', then I suppose I shouldn't knock it.   I will actually use a tripod to take the photos this time, so they're not blurred :)  Being professional is such hard work. 

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