Monday, September 16, 2013

I can hear a pin drop ...

So quiet.
Little man started full day school this morning (well they finish at 3pm but it's technically considered full day).  And I'm lost!

I've been wandering around the house, doing odd jobs, sorting stuff out, making his bed, tidying his clothes, sorting out his toys and books.  I've done my real day job work already. Looked at canvasses that are prepared and ready for paint but don't have the inclination to even get the paints out. Stared at my sewing machine and the material I bought about four weeks ago to make myself a top and again, can't be arsed with that.   Had a cursory scan over my 'notes' for the book ... oh fuck it, I'm not interested in that for sure at the moment.

I'm consumed, wondering how he's doing, if he's getting on okay with all of the kids. If he's not too overwhelmed by it all.  I know he isn't.  But ...

I was NOT like this when my own sons started school, I was actually so bloody relieved, couldn't wait for them to be out of my hair. But it's not the same with your grandson and especially this grandson. My daughter was only saying the other day when we were driving back from the shops, how attached I am to him, how he's completely filled my heart!   It's true, I really do 'only have eyes for you' when it comes to him.

So I guess I have 'empty nest syndrome' hey? ... oh well, I'm just going to enjoy (?) it for today, tomorrow I can get stuck into all the other things that I'm supposed to be doing with my time.  Roll on quarter to 3. 

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