Monday, September 30, 2013

Miranda with a capital K

Started off today feeling mega-anxious about work prospecting and trying my very best to focus on other stuff, to take my mind off the constant naggling going on in my head.   Anyway, after doing all sorts of stuff today on the interwebmachine, I managed to secure some work paying reasonably well for today and tomorrow and things are looking up a bit, starting to see more things being uploaded by the company I 'work for'. I actually work for myself but you get the drift, or do you? Oh well, keep up.

H and I watched an episode of the British soap 'Miranda' over the weekend.  I am now a bit of a fan of Miranda Hart  she's me but younger.  What a Klutz she is but you can't help admire her klutziness.  It's refreshing to watch someone who isn't botoxed up to the armpits, bleached blonde and orange from too much spray tan. She's intelligent, even if is she is a klutz.  Her klutziness only seems to underscore how ridiculously pompous and anal, the so-called 'together' people are in each episode. I am definitely going to be watching more Miranda, she's a girl after my own heart.   Oh God, I unintentionally made a pun.  oops.

I've managed to get my account sorted out with Art and am now waiting for those lofty personages to decide whether the images and text I sent to them for my profile and picture descriptions is good enough for their auspicious site.   More on that soon, I hope.

The blog to book or book to blog (I can't remember) I am in the process of ... er, writing, is coming along, need to get stuck in before Friday (which is my personal deadline to have most of it written). Then I'm going to be asking for advice, so all you critics out there better start girding up your loins.  Or whatever it is that critics do before they critique.

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