Tuesday, September 24, 2013

There's always Bonnie Scotland ...

I had a chat with my aunt yesterday morning on the phone, can't believe it's only a few more weeks and then I'll be driving myself off to Wales.  The day after we'll getting on the train for our holiday up to Scotland.  I am so looking forward to this chance to be on my own with ... erm ... adult company for what is tantamount* to a long weekend.  Hopefully this is the first of many more to come. I seriously dig Scotland.

This morning when I got back from dropping the kiddies off at school, I had a weird type of déjà vu experience in the kitchen.  Just for a nano-second, it seemed like I'd just come back into the kitchen of our home back in South Africa and my son was calling to me.  I almost half-turned around expecting him to be standing there.  So for just a split second: 

1.  I felt deliriously excited and happy.
2.  Then somewhat stupid and glad I was on my own, so nobody else could have witnessed it.
3.  Next, I was angry that my mind had decided to play such a cruel little re-wind trick.
4.  Ultimately, though, I was left feeling desolate, depressed and wanting to cry because I miss him so much.
All in the space of about 1/1,000th of a second.  

Otherwise, it's a misty, semi-foggy morning. Will be warming up to sunshine and a warm day later on. I've got to find something to do now to earn some money because the transcript company I've been 'working' for since February seem to be drying up on the work front.  Ho hum.

*Hardly anyone uses that word 'tantamount' anymore.  Maybe I should do a post a week featuring an obscure word, that's always a fun project.

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