Friday, October 11, 2013

Altered Booking

I've started an 'altered book' ... it's er basically preparing an old book for art journalling.  Art journalling, I hear you shout, are you fucking losing it woman?
Well the more I trawled around on YouTube trying to understand why people are doing this art journalling stuff, the more I ended up listening to a whole bunch of women (mainly American) wax lyrical (and God do some of these women like to talk to themselves!) about WHY they decided to do this and what they've gotten out of it.  Yes, it's therapeutic kids.
Anyway, I wasn't interested in going out and buying tons of fancy stamp pads, inks, transfers, stencils, stickon embellishments etc. etc., that kinda defeats the object, in my mind.  I've always been happy to turn something old into a new item - tinting my hair, creating new clothing out of old, I'm a dab hand at doing that.  So why not take one of my really old diaries (1993 to be exact) and have a go at turning it into something a bit better.

I started on Wednesday morning and the bug has bitten.  The outside covers are almost done, I've ripped out tons of pages, glued three pages together at a time, to make the more sturdier pages required for artworks and doodly doodles.  I've gesso-ed the pages, I've even started with the background colours on three pages already.  It's addictive, you don't realise how much time has gone by.  You become engrossed in it and you can't rush the process (because the glue that you're sniffing ... har har ... has to dry, the paint has to dry ... yawn).  But the mere fact that you can't rush it, means that you just have to sit back and chill a bit.  So your mind starts to wander, you start feeling guilty (for about 8 nanoseconds), then you do the mental grocery list shopping and tidying up the house (all in your head).   Before long, you're thinking about much deeper things, like how you're going to cook two chickens together in the oven tonight and why Supernovas don't make more of a bang.

I'm actually liking this altered book stuff, I feel like I'm reducing my carbon footprint.  And all the other green bollox that people waffle on about these days.
I'll post pictures of the finished thing. Eventually. No rush.

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