Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Nanowrimo here i come ... or maybe not.

To kind of get my creative juices flowing a bit better, I am trying to get into as many writerly type things as possible.  I am suspicious about fanfaring my writerly intentions on this 'ere blog, as nine times out of ten, I don't actually ever get the project started (par for the course with me).   Anyway, I suppose the best thing to do is just do it and then write about it afterwards, hey? So shut up.
Yes, I do sound like a person with a mental disorder in that there paragraph up there.
It's the kids.

They're on holiday, so I am in 'kiddie-entertainer/teacher' mode for the rest of this week.  At the moment, they are jumping about in one of the bedrooms trying to kill each other, pack away Lego, role play and get dressed - all at the same time.   We made pirate maps, pirate treasure chests, gold dabloons and then I got stuck in and made three sets of Halloween pumpkin earrings.  Somehow my crafty side didn't want to go to sleep, so last night, I quickly crocheted up a string bag for my grand-daughter, from a ball of string I had lying about the place (as you do).    Today, we're supposed to be going to book creative activities for the kiddywinkies to do on Thursday morning down at the Leisure Centre, although if they don't quit the stomping about in the room next door, I might end up burying them both in the back garden.

Speaking of winkies - I did manage to get a bit of a laugh out of my grandson yesterday though.  He was getting dressed before we went out to the library, I am typing away on my laptop doing wurk ... i peep over my shoulder to see how he's getting on (cos I can see his room from my bedroom door) and he's standing there hanging on to winkie, which has er grown a bit.   'Nana, my winkie is exciting cos we made pirate things and now we're going to the liberry' ... I had to keep a straight face, cough and tell him, 'That's nice dear, now get dressed.' However, inside I was laughing so hard, it hurt.   Little boys are just the best.

We've booked our holiday over to SA for February next year. I didn't think I was going to be able to do this, to be honest and actually can't.   Anyway, the South African credit card still works, so if a thing's worth doing, it's worth over-doing is what I always say. 

Still no work on the transcript front - but I'm trying my best not to clench my jaw, or bang my head against the wall. 

I've decided that I don't like the word, BUT
but besides that, everything's peachy.

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