Wednesday, October 16, 2013

One more sleep ...

Test Satnav - Check
Pack clothes - Check
Sort out/find chargers/plugs/adaptors for tablet, camera, phone, hairdryer etc.- Check
Download 2 hours worth of new (ish) music from YouTube and put on Tablet, to go with the rest
         of the old shite I've already got on it - Check
Do the trip on Google Maps - Check
Print out directions in case Satnav fucks out - Check
Fill up car - Check
Check oil and water and tyre pressure - Not checked (doing tonight)
Figure out which shoes I'm taking with - Check
Put highlights in hair  - Not checked (doing tonight)
Load airtime onto ye olde trusty Samsung Android - Check 

Stuff not to forget to put in bag tomorrow morning:
In-ear teensy weensy headphones for Asus (tablet)
Brown camisole (that my daughter's currently wearing today - which I have to wash and tumble dry tonight)

Then it's off at about 930am to the wet, wintry, wastes of Wales, hopefully to arrive 4 and a half to 5 hours later.  (it's 220 miles or therabouts from where I live to Knighton).

Following morning (Friday) we leave my aunts house at 6 to go to the train station (about 30 mins drive from her house) to board our train, which will eventually take us up to Inverness.

Och aye and awa' we go, laddie.

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