Friday, October 25, 2013

Travels with my Aunt.

Well first of all, the one glaring fact that emerged during my trip to the Highlands of Scotland with my Auntie, was that THURSO - the place where I had set my ... er ... story (you know, the book that I've been writing since I was in South Africa) - is NOT remote at all.   Yes, it's stuck up there on the edge of Scotland but it's by no means a remote little place - all windswept, lonely crofters cottages perched on the top of the cliffs (as I had imagined).   So the story, such as it is, will have to be set somewhere quite a bit further South.  The areas around Aviemore and Blair Atholl for instance, are very remote, true Highland vistas.

Scotland is magnificent.  I believe we went at the right time, all the trees were wearing Autumn dresses and the colours were quite breathtaking in many places. 

 Dunrobin Castle ...
Well honestly, there's nothing bad you can say about the home base of the Dukes of Sutherland.  Magical place, hardly worried by tourism.    

I took reams and reams of photos, which I will probably dig into and put on here in coming months as they speak to me. 

I've already started planning a possible camping trip up to the areas around Pitlochry ... just the place I'd like to spend a couple of weeks in a tent. 

Queen's View - Pitlochry - not my image.

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