Saturday, November 30, 2013


Can't believe it's the 1st December tomorrow - next weekend marks the anniversary of our first year in the UK, who wudda thunk it?  So how do I feel, really?

Yes, I miss family - this is a big issue but not insurmountable.  The fact that we are going to SA in February is a plus and something to look forward to, even though it will be over so quickly - we are only going for just under two weeks, no time at all really.  It will be extremely hard to say goodbye to people again when we leave, even harder for me because I will have spent some time with my new grandson and gotten to know him a little bit (I hope).   

I think I've also come to the realisation that it won't be any time soon for the rest of my family to join us here in Blightey.  My ideal about that was unrealistic, thinking back and I was somewhat naive to think that my sons and daughter would follow us to the UK once we were 'settled'.  Even though they all said that this would happen, I don't think it's going to be.  It's painful to think about this, so both H and I don't - as much as possible.  Maybe we are wrong (but I doubt it) and they all say in February how they are planning to get over to the UK.  I hope that is the case but I'm not holding my breath.

So what does that mean?  Well it means that we are really on our own here in the UK and have to get on with life to the best of our ability.  We are making plans for next year and changes that we want to make - like perhaps getting better paid jobs and even looking at buying our own property.  Purchasing your own place definitely helps you put down roots, psychologically and physically and it's something that both H, K and I want to do - although K is still (I suppose rightly) cautious. It's good to have a cautious person in our midst, makes us do our homework. 

The kids are settling into school life here and we all believe that they are doing better than they would be if they'd remained in SA.  E, for definite, wouldn't be progressing at the rate he is doing now - he wouldn't even be at school yet for another year I think if we'd stayed in SA!   F is doing really well, she's making friends and joining in social activities, like Brownies, roller-skating, after school clubs - we need to fill up her days a little more and will work on this in the New Year, especially her desire to go to Drama school.

The impenetrable Norfolk womenfolk are starting to warm up to me and K remarked the other day, when he was off work waiting for his car to be serviced and we'd spent some time in the Co-op getting lunch, that I seemed to know everybody in Long Stratton!   This doesn't happen in South Africa.  Even though you meet other mummies at school every day, you very rarely bump into them during your daily routines.  Whenever H and I went shopping, we never spoke to anyone - not neighbours, nobody.   But here in this little village, you can walk down the road at any time of the day or night and there's sure to be some face that you recognise, or some person who will say hello in passing.  I already know about five mums quite well, we've been invited to a couple of social events at different venues by the mums I know. F has already been invited for tea or lunch at different kids' places - people are actually very kind here, it just takes time to get into the swing of it and understand how the Brits do stuff.

I am working on improving my art all the time (something I wasn't really getting the chance to do in SA), even though I haven't found a place to market it, I will do, I know I will.  My writing is coming along and I'm working on several projects on that front also, that I WILL publish in 2014.  I have had a good long talk to myself about the transcript typing work - it's got four more months to ship up, if it hasn't doubled in turnover by then, it's going in the dumpster and I'm having a go at something else.  My new mantra in life is 'believe in yourself' and 'have confidence'.  I'm tired of being a slave to negative thoughts.

Untitled Abstract - Water Soluble Oils. Medium sized stretched canvas.

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