Wednesday, November 6, 2013

stuff and rubbish

Well so far I'm up to 11,000 words or thereabouts.  I've got as far as the start of my life in South Africa, so not bad going I suppose.   Some things are easy to write about but I know that later on, it's going to get tough.

The weather is a bit glum and I seem to have some kind of bug that's gnawing at my throat and upper chest, so am going to see the good NHS doctor tomorrow - he's an Indian fellow, don't particularly like him as he's one of these guys who just gives a perfunctory inspection of your ears, throat and chest, then prescribes some god awful, completely useless pain killer and maybe an antibiotic.  I suppose that's all I need hey? but I do so long for over-medication!   Har har.  We are going back to SA in February, have booked our tickets on trusty old BA and whilst there I have started a bit of a shopping list of things I need to bring back:

1. Myprodol - about 60 or if possible two packs of 60.
2. MedLemon - also quite a few sachets, or boxes would be good.
3. Fat clothes - duh - well blouses that actually fit me - from the place I always go to in Boksburg.  UK clothing is a bit weird, most of it's for teensy weensy little Chinese chicks and everything's 'CLINGY'.  The Brits love their skin tight jersey/lycra dresses and tops, with the fat rolls oozing out in all directions.

Speaking of clothes in the UK, I wonder if tights are just a UK phenomenon, or if they are as prevalent in other parts of the world?  Every chick here (almost - generalisation in this case is justified) wears fucking tights.  Doesn't matter what size their arses/thighs are, or how much camel toi they have to thrust out.  We see some real beauts here.  It's bloody disgusting, I think.  Most of the time, the tights that these chicks wear are old, so they are worn and stretched out of shape, which means that you can see through them.  99 per cent of the time, they don't bother to wear underwear, or if they do, you can clearly see the G-string creeping up their backside. Seas of rumpling cellulite waddling down the road are the norm.  There are major elephants living in our area, rolling down the road with their tights and skinny tops on that don't cover the bum hole and camel toe, bulges bursting out of the bulges.  Yuch!   They should fuckin' ban tights on women. Even skinny chicks can look god awful wearing them, TIGHTS DO NOT FLATTER the female body, people!

As you were.

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